intel quick sync

  1. cinetone

    Quick Sync help (Hardware Encoding Supported)

    hello everyone, i need help. i build hackintosh high sierra intel i9 9900k 8core gigabyte aorus master z390 nvidia 1080ti fe samsung 970 m.2 nvme 500gb pci cooler master 1000v i want to know how to quicksync enable. Hardware Encoding Supported i want it please help me i also use this way but...
  2. resnet1234

    Slow Intel GPU frequency when converting h264 video

    Hi. I have intalled a hackintosh build, Everything works fine until I was trying to convert a mkv video to a mp4 format file. I used macx video converter pro to do that. I compared the time with that of my Macbook Pro 15 2017. It's turned out that macbook pro 15 runs 2x faster than that of my...
  3. homie

    Help-Igpu Quick sync fix Kaby Lake

    hello I got my Mac OS Mojave fully working but Quick sync isn't working probably right I make it work by adding in clover ig-platform-id 0x59120000 but when I try to use it in hand break or FCPX or DaVinci Resolve its not maxed out its not passing 40% so I need the right way to make it fully...
  4. Franci01

    Hardware acceleration (6500 + rx580)

    Hi, I’ve got a working build on Mojave with Intel Skylake 6500 and RX 580 8GB. Now the RX benchmark are just fine, but, when trying to export H264 files with FCPX, it doesn’t work at all. How can I solve? How can I enable quick sync on my build? Thanks
  5. Aakash8332

    Hardware Encoding Support is not enabled

    Hi all, My system is gigabyte z170x, i7 6700k 16gb ram and gtx750ti Nvidia graphics card. I installed Nvidia web driver successfully. But I can't able to enable hardware encoding support. I am using high Sierra 10.13.4 version (17A405). I am using 17.1 version of configuration with Skylake...
  6. GabrielePreziosa

    Enable Intel QuickSync

    How i can enable Intel QuickSync on my Hackintosh? i5 7600 GTX 1060 6GB macOS 10.13.2
  7. iosonofigo

    Glitch H264 video after enabling KBL QuickSync HD 630 (Final Cut)

    Hello, I have a Kaby Lake Hackintosh with the following parts: - Intel i3 7100 - Gigabyte B250M-D2V - Asus GTX 1050 2GB Here's what I did to config.plist (also attached to this post) ACPI Patches GFX0 -> IGPU PEGP -> GFX0 HDAS -> HDEF PEG0 -> POP2 COPR -> MATH Fixes FixShutdown_0004 Boot...
  8. iosonofigo

    Enable Intel QuickSync with i7-7700K (HD 630) and High Sierra/Sierra

    Hello, I built a Hackintosh for professional video editing tasks using Final Cut Pro X, this is why I need Intel Quick Sync enabled. Here's my configuration: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 CPU: Intel i7-7700K GPU: Asus Strix GTX 980Ti (will switch to AMD Vega 64 in December) SSD: Samsung...
  9. khriswithak

    Intel Quick Sync????

    I use FCPX a lot and I just came across a post talking about Intel Quick Sync and how it helps with rendering times. How do you check if that is enabled? And how do you enable it if it is disabled? I have a i7-4790K with 4600HD integrated gpu + MSI GTX 960 + GA-Z97N-WIFI and I'm on El Capitan
  10. Brian-Naja

    Video and Thumbnail Colored Noise Issues

    I've been having issues video and thumbnail noise when using the intel hd graphics and the discrete graphics together. I have tried Clover and Chimera and had the same problem on both. The issue goes away when I disable the on-board graphics in the bios but, that also disables the intel quick...