intel nuc

  1. logyon

    Upgrading to bigsur

    So decided to try and have another bash at running my intel nuc with big sur. Its the model D54250WYK has: Intel i5-4250UU 2.6ghz max 12GB ram DDR3 Crucial Intel HD Graphics 5000 Wi-Fi card to a Bluetooth and WIFI supported apple Broadcom model. 250gb Samsung P851 SSD Stick So I have...
  2. Haniel74

    I can't connect SATECHI bluetooth mouse on Intel NUC 10 Big Sur

    Hello everyone! I have a small problem in my configuration, I can't connect my Bluetooth Satechi mouse to my Intel NUC 10 with Big Sur. I explain myself, I proceeded to the installation of Big Sur on all it went well, then I installed the kexts for WiFi and Bluetooth (itlwm.kext...
  3. micsell

    Intel NUC (NUC7) - enabling internal digital mic

    I've added support for internal digital microphone on Intel NUC7. Instructions: - Make sure you have the latest Lilu installed on your EFI partition (1.4.7) - Copy the attached AppleALC kext to your EFI partition (replace existing AppleALC.kext) - Copy the attached AML file to...
  4. joshhp

    Intel NUC8i5BEK Catalina Install Issues - IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0

    Hey everyone, I recently bought an off-the-shelf Intel NUC8i5BEK to Hackintosh, and I'm completely new this. So I must say the one thing Apple DOES have, still, is the "it just works" thing :) Most of the time, these days... So far I've used the basic Unibeast guide to get through to the very...
  5. jonwortheu

    Catalina on Intel NUC DC3217IYE - graphics problems

    This is my first ever post on this forum, and my first ever Hackintosh attempt... so please bear with me! First, what have I got? Used Hardware Intel® NUC-Kit DC3217IYE Mainboard-Chip Intel® QS77 Express-Notebookchip Processor i3-3217U Ivy Lake, 1.80GHz RAM 8Gb Kingston DDR3-1600 (2 x 4Gb...
  6. peterrogov

    Need help: Mojave 10.14.5 on Intel NUC8i7BEH2

    Hello community! I am seeking help to install macOS on my Intel NUC. I tried to follow this and this guides to my best knowledge but got no luck. With both procedures my installation would get stuck either at Apple logo or after copying files during setup. My exact hardware config is: - Intel...
  7. Myzze

    NUC as a hackintosh?

    I am using a Mac mini from 2012, and had hoped for an upgrade from Apple this year. I like the small formfactor, so I was wondering if it is possible to buy an Intel NUC and use it as a hackintosh? Further more, I am using a Thunderbolt Display, and have read a lot of online posts, and as I...
  8. JuiceBoxPvP

    Intel nuc6cayb hackintosh possible?

    So I won a free intel nuc6cayb from a local computer store. I am pretty sure it is only a small kit, but the store outfitted it with 4gb ddr3 ram and a 128gb ssd. I have since then added another 4gb ddr3 ram stick to it and used the ssd on another computer, giving this nuc a leftover 64gb ssd...
  9. ThoWe

    Intel NUC BNH7i5

    I have installed High Sierra with a Unibeast USB and post install with multibeast. I bought a deltaco bluetooth adapter and it works great with my apple keyboard. Graphics, network and usbports are ok too. But I can not get the sound to work. I have tried every alternative in multibeast and the...
  10. FiPa

    Intel NUC Hackintosh (Sierra) Apple Boot Logo stuck (before installation)

    Hey, It's my first time trying to create a hackintosh. I tried this tutorial: I already googled and couldn't find a solution :/ I have this NUC: Intel NUC-Kit i3-7100U 2.4GHz HD620 NUC7I3BNH I didn't...
  11. pyry

    Intel NUC5CPYH

    Hi! Can this nuc pc run os x el capitan 4gb ram, 120gb ssd. Thanks if you can help me :)
  12. Lazertech

    Unibeast El Capitan Stuck on Copying FIles

    Hello, I have an 8gb flash drive which is supposed to be enough, however, unibeast keeps on getting stuck a quarter of the way through when copying files. I have read other peoples posts with similar problems and the fix was setting the partition. When I plugged my flash drive in, it wouldn't...
  13. Lazertech

    Intel Nuc Hackintosh Help

    Hello, I just built an intel nuc hackintosh with my friend. Everything with the build was super easy and it all went well. We then put the flashdrive in and it seems to work. It gets to the point where the apple logo appears several times and looks super glitched out. In all of the videos it...
  14. Liam77

    RAM in Nuc

    Hello, I am constructing an Intel Nuc hackintosh. My friend said that in order for the computer to work I need to fill both slots with RAM. This worries me because I already bought a 1 stick 8GB RAM. Is he right and do I need to buy another?
  15. Liam77

    Nuc Hack

    Hello, I am new to the forums and I am about to build an Intel Nuc Hackintosh with my friend. I am going to buy this as the base but my friend was saying I need to buy a few other things for it to work. I just wanted to know if I do in...
  16. waltman

    Intel NUC DC3217IYE El Capitan graphics problem

    I installed 10.11.1 on a Intel NUC DC3217IYE. Everything works fine but the graphics are very choppy at times. I did some poking around and saw that the display ram only comes up as 6 MB. I adjusted the DVMT in the bios to 128mb, but still no luck. The DC3217IYE uses an intel HD 4000 gpu...
  17. oskarbravo

    Intel Nuc 2.0 (Broadwell)

    I'm interested in using the new Intel Nuc 2.0 as a Hackintosh: The hardware seems pretty close to the Mac Mini - with Intel Iris 6000 integrated graphics. Does anybody know if this machine would be suitable? The only part I'm...
  18. harubital

    Intel NUC D34010WYK1 Compatibility

    Just to make clear I searched for this question before posting. I'm planning on using this particular Intel NUC for my first build: I just want to make sure that this is compatible with Mavericks. I saw this build...
  19. SimonMaC

    Intel NUC i5 - will it work?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this website and the idea of Hackintosh. Can I load an Intel NUC with the latest version , is it Mavericks?:?: If it is possible, Would someone post me the link to the method. I know I have a LOT to learn but it is Very much appreciated!:D;):roll::crazy:
  20. eddiestechtalk

    Intel NUC Display Issue

    Display Issue (Crackles? Flickers?) on Intel NUC Hi all, I have the Intel NUC build (Core i3-3217UDC3217BY) with 4GB of RAM. Installation went fine, but post install (and post DSDT free multibeast) my display sort of spazzed out. I included a picture below. If I try to close out of the window...