intel hd4400

  1. mrvtec

    Mac OS 10.15 Intel HD4400 Artifacts/Glitches

    Hi i have upgraded to mac os 10.15 from mojave but i was having the same issue im running a Surface Pro 3 i5 i4300U 8gb Ram, i have everything working perfectly except HiDPI resolution since this is a surface we cant set the DMVT so i have set this using framebuffer patch in my config plist...
  2. Tenmo

    Brightness doesn't work after ig-platform-id

    I just changed the id to 0xA260006 and the brightness full gone , I think its approximately 30% what I have now . I don't have any option in the "Display" menu . I tried the AppleBacklightFixup kext and the ACPI one and the Intel one too but that just crashed and that's not working above 10.12...
  3. rickmoonen02

    Intel HD 4400 only showing 4mb VRAM

    Screen Shot 2017-07-08 At 13.47.05 by rickmoonen02 posted Jul 8, 2017 at 10:47 PMHi I have a Dell Latitude 3550 with Intel HD4400 Graphics. But the system is only using 4mb of vram while it should be using 1024mb. Your help would be appreciated!
  4. pedrowelldantas

    Help with GRAPHICS (Intel HD4400)

    Hello guys! (Eai galera! se tiver alguem da minha terra ai, da um alo <3) so, I've installed all kexts on my (first) Hackintosh, except the Graphics Driver.. The computer is working very fast and don't lag on mouse movement. But have some lag's on animations, transitions, scrolling pages...
  5. adam_ar

    macOS Sierra on dell vostro 3458

    I used RehabMan's guide for laptops: Need help in fixing wifi and sound. Current Status: Graphics: Working. Full QE/CI and able to drive my external monitor Dell U2412M at full resolution. Sound...
  6. Eathann

    Lenovo S510p

    Hi guys, Would my laptop specs be compatible for Sierra? Lenovo S510p Core i3-4010u @ 1.7ghz 4GB DDR 3 Ram Intel HD 4400 Touchpad > Elan/synaptics USB3 500GB Sata HD Wifi > Atheros AR956x/AR965x not sure which one I have but I know it is one of the two. LAN > I know this is already compatible...