intel hd graphics

  1. bibeksaha

    Is there any way to support Pentium Intel HD graphics?

    I am using a Intel Pentium G3240. Is there any way such that the integrated Intel HD graphics is supported. I mean by using clover configurator or something else.
  2. sol.xpert

    help please - dell optiplex 5040 with intel hd530 and i5-6500

    Hello I need your help please this is my first hackintosh , followed many guides and can't get Mojave to install keeps on freezing after end randomseed!!! attached is my efi folder thank you in advance
  3. iPotatoBoy

    [HELP] Acer 4820T

    Hi! I managed to install Sierra on my laptop (Acer 4820T) and I am now trying to enable QE/CI Graphics. I have proceeded in this way: - Delete all IntelHDGraphics kexts from S/L/E - Rebuilt cache and rebooted - Used Kext Utility and installed the kexts for 10.12 (Tried different buffers) -...
  4. Ravenirex

    Trying to fix Intel HD 4600 7MB VRAM problem

    I did manage to successfully install Mac OS HighSierra 10.13.3 on my Lenovo C560. The only things that are left to fix is the glitching in the graphics and the lack of sound. Looking at the "About Mac" my IGPU has only 7MB assigned. I've tried: Installing kexts(Lilu, IntelGraphicsFixup)...
  5. MohamedHussain

    Intel HD 5500 Graphics not recognized by Mojave

    I've installed macOS 10.14 Mojave on my external hard drive few weeks ago. I'm having trouble getting the graphics to work. I tried Multibeast 10.4.0, it wasn't showing the IntelGraphicsFixup option on the graphics menu, then I decided to use Multibeast 10.3.0. The graphics wasn't working...
  6. btreex86

    [Question] RTX 2080 + Intel HD Graphics 630

    I'm wondering if there will be any way to use the upcoming RTX 2080 graphics card in Windows only but use the integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 in macOS High Sierra / Mojave (with full acceleration) is this possible?
  7. brianwong11031

    [Help!] Laptop cannot boot up !

    I installed Mojave on my Samsung laptop, and I tried to fix graphics. My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 520, and I downloaded this plist file (see attached files). And reboot, then when the progress bar fill in half and it auto reboot. So, I cannot get in system. I put the zip file of...
  8. guinoir

    [HELP] Intel HD Graphics 3000 only works with 1366x768 on safe boot

    I don't know if this title is big, btw Hi guys I'm having a little problem my hackintosh just runs the intel hd graphics 3000 with inject intel off and safe boot, if not like this, the graphics just works with 3 MB VRAM with less of 1280x720 Processor: i3-2310M Sandy Bridge 2.10 GHz 500 GB HDD...
  9. Dallastyle

    Need help getting Intel Hd Graphics to work with FakeCpuId

    Hi tonymac86, I'm using a Dell All in one Inspiron 5348. It has a Pentium dual core G3240 Haswell clocked at 3.07 ghz in Mac. I've successfully booted and installed Mac Os X el capitan on an external hdd using a fake cpuid (0x0306E0) its ivybride. But my problem is the drivers. The only thing I...
  10. josecarlos3007

    HD4000 Hardware Encoding

    Hi, im new here, i would like to know how can i enable Hardware Encoding on my Hackintosh, i've tried a lot of stuff including dsdt patching, graphics injector via clover, and BIOS Settings. My Hack Specs: Motherboard: Asus P8H77-M Pro CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 @3.4Ghz (Non k) RAM: Kingston...
  11. normanfu0109

    Intel baytrail graphics

    Hi guys. Need your help. I install el capitan 10.11.6 and my graphics is not full activated. The systen only shows vram 4mb. I am using ASUS intel celeron n2840 and intel hd graphic (baytrail). Thanks.
  12. verencelola

    Wrong Display and Graphics Properties Detected.

    Hey guys, I just successfully installed Sierra on my HP Pavillion laptop successfully. Everything is working okay except for the display, graphics and battery.The display brightness doesn't also show in the display preference pane. I successfully installed nVidia Web Drivers and CUBA and...
  13. jktaurus8

    [Solved]Fixes to Get Full Acceleration on Intel HD Graphics in iMac 17.1

    This thread is for fixing Quick Sync and full Hardware acceleration in Intel HD Graphics. Although 14.1 definitions are working, In 17.1 with HD 530 and 630 it is not functioning at all. If anyone fixed this, share with others because there are many of those occurs the same problem. In Intel HD...
  14. DarkRattle

    Running off Intel HD graphics alone.

    So I own a 1080 and I know there's no drivers for it, BUT of course my 4690k has intel HD graphics, if I hackintosh will everything atleast be smooth because of that or will everything be slow/choppy and is it worth doing it if that's the case. Thank you.
  15. StevenTLBFA

    Intel HD Graphics Help Please.

    Hello all, I've worked on several Hackintoshes before. I can't seem to get this one to cooperate though. I have a desktop with 16GB Ram, 8TB HDD, i5-650@3.20GHz CPU with onboard Intel HD Graphics. I have successfully installed and booted El Capitan. However I can't seem to get the graphics...
  16. sasoky

    help intel hd graphics 4000 for yosemite 10.10.3

    celeron g1620 ram ddr3 4g intel hd graphics 4000 for hackintosh 10.10.3 asrock h61m-vg4:beachball:
  17. Brian-Naja

    Video and Thumbnail Colored Noise Issues

    I've been having issues video and thumbnail noise when using the intel hd graphics and the discrete graphics together. I have tried Clover and Chimera and had the same problem on both. The issue goes away when I disable the on-board graphics in the bios but, that also disables the intel quick...
  18. alprincenofl

    Installed OS X Yosemite on DELL but SLOW!

    Hello, I am really so new to hackintosh but after a lot of trying I've finally Installed Yosemite 10.10.1 and audio drivers on DELL Optiplex 990 PC (Intel I7, 8GB Ram). Everything is now great EXCEPT the SPEED! I think it's slow, maybe the problem in: Graphics Driver Intel HD Graphics 2000...
  19. jimbo75

    Intel HD Graphic Glitch

    HD 4000 screen tearing I have had this problem as long as I can think back (Mountain Lion and now in Yosemite, on Lion I have used a dedicated GPU). And it hasn't bothered me a lot because the software I used didn't trigger this problem. But now a lot of the ones I use do. Whenever I run a...
  20. ajoy39

    1440p monitor won't go above 1080p - Mavericks, Intel HD4600

    As you can see above, I have an Asus PB278Q (native res 2560x1400) that OSX is recognizing as a 1080p monitor. My specs are: Intel i7-4790s Gigabyte H87N-Wifi rev 2.0 Intel HD4600 Graphics Mavericks 10.9.4 Does anyone have experience with this hardware stack that could give me a hint as to...