intel hd

  1. Riley.Hawken

    Kaby Lake HD 630 issues

    Hi everyone After a huge struggle with FakeCPUID and other roadblocks, I finally have my hackintosh operational. My only complaint is my Intel HD 630 integrated graphics seem to be super slow. Loading launchpad takes multiple seconds and other animations are noticeably slow. I haven't installed...
  2. jlucasp25

    Asus laptop - problem installing

    Hey everyone, i'm new here and i'm trying to install macOS Sierra on my Asus F541U laptop, (Intel i5 6200U + Intel hd graphics 520 + Nvidia Geforce 920MX). So when i boot to install macOS even before the apple logo, it gets stuck in a command that ends with "compressiontypezlib", sometimes it...
  3. famous_dallara

    Intel HD 530 Not working with Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 (non TH)

    Hello everyone. I am having some problems with my on-board Intel HD 530. It is showing that I have 7MB available after trying a couple solutions and injecting the Intel drivers from multibeast. Today I am finally seeking help in the forums after reading many solutions that don't seem to work for...
  4. dfghaerkxfj

    Sierra 10.12 install successful! But suddenly booting into black screen w/ cursor

    Got my hackintosh up and running last week, specs in profile. Started it up this morning and noticed 2 things: 1) after clover, when the apple logo pops up with the loading bar, the loading bar only made it about 2/3's of the way before disappearing (usually goes all the way to the ned) 2)...
  5. DifferentComputers

    No Quartz Extreme with Skylake Intel HD 530

    This is my Indigo Sawtooth I'm talking about. I've clean installed. I've used Multibeast and not used MultiBeast, instead adding kexts by hand. Using latest Clover. I've tried about 8 different config.plists provided by various people. These include changing several different platform IDs. No...
  6. AtomicWalrus

    [solved] Need help with Intel HD 4400

    I've managed to install Sierra onto my Acer Aspire V3-572PG successfully, I have used the easy UEFI bootloader option of Multibeast and all seems to work as expected. There is a discrete GPU (Nvidia 840m) in the laptop which has automatically been disabled by the looks of it and the Intel HD...
  7. yuljang01

    How to enable Intel HD Graphic (1st gen) QE/CI

    hi I use Acer 4741G and install macOS 10.12 successful! But Intel HD Graphics not work a Can't enable QE/CI how to fix or enable QE/CI ! My spac Intel i3 380 m Intel HD Graphics 1st gen Nvidia 540m (macOS not support nvidia Optimus) Ram 8 GB
  8. sithinjatyler

    HDMI works intermittently HD 5500 Graphics

    So my problem is as such: the HDMI port on my HP Pavilion 15-r210dx with HD 5500 Graphics works only sometimes, (always works so far when I boot into safe mode) and other times it just straight up doesn't see the monitor at all. I usually just restart a few times until it works again and then...
  9. Kingmax45

    Intel HD Graphics not working on GB H170M-D3H

    I got El Capitan up and running with audio and internet but still struggling to get the optimum acceleration out of my Intel HD Graphics chip in the mother board. Videos from SSD are not playing and I am getting flickering display on flash based web pages. I don't have any graphics card, is...
  10. thedrumdoctor

    How do I change Graphics Config installed by MultiBeast on failed boot?

    BOARD: GA-Z170-HD3- DDR3 CPU: i5-6400 GPU: Intel HD (onboard) After successful boot to El Capitan desktop, I went through the simplest MultiBeast configs - audio, networking and graphics before first reboot. Using the motherboard drivers disc, I explored it for the identities of the above...
  11. binncboy123

    Intel HD 5500 vram errors inside OS X

    I have a lenovo x1 carbon, with intel hd 5500 graphics. I can't change my DVMT in my BIOS, but it says the total graphics memory is 512mb (maximum allocated possible?). Inside of OS X it says I have 14mb, and all the animations such as launchpad and opening downloads is very laggy. I know this...
  12. binncboy123

    Intel HD 5500 not working on El Capitan with Clover

    I'm on a laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon) Everything is working (apart from wifi and audio) fine, but a big issue is the graphics. I'm kind of a noob to hackintoshing so I don't know a lot about what to do. In my BIOS it says I have 512mb of VRAM, but in the "About this mac" panel in OS X it shows...
  13. lollypoes

    intel HD and 940M

    Hey everyone! I have heard that due to nvidia optimus using both my GPU's in not possible, but sometimes I find conflicting facts. So I have found the following post: This is essentially saying you can select a program...
  14. c0r3yp

    how to backup kext im using? how can i upgrade osx? why does my proc not show all cores? +other ques

    i have an asus u46e-bal7 laptop i have a few questions, someone please help. everything works 100% except i had to swap out the internal wireless card. I had to play around with keyboard / mouse kext and i forgot what i used. two finger scroll/gestures don't work. Also disable trackpad while...
  15. robc123

    El Capitan won't boot after install

    I successfully installed El Capitan on my Vostro 3500 using legacy Clover and removing all Intel HD kexts from the install. It now gets stuck on the boot (see photo). I've tried boot flags ncpi=0x2000 but it didn't work. I've tried using verbose mode and safe mode but they get the same results...
  16. Fabricio902

    Problems El Capitan on the Dell XPS 13 9333

    I'm with the Mac's El Capitan installed on Dell XPS 13 9333 only that I could not turn on hardware acceleration in Intel HD 4400 already tried in many ways more does not work. I found a topic on installing on the same machine more do not know mess with DSDT. I do not know much about Mac OS...
  17. LYBO

    Clevo Netbook W510TU

    Hello. I have a netbook (Clevo W510TU) and i wanna ask you guys if its possible to put any version of mac. My hardware list its this: CPU: Intel Celeron N2808 1.58 Mhz With Turbo boost 2.25 Mhz Motherboard:W51TXU GPU: Intel HD 7st Generation RAM: 4 GM DDR3 1333 Mhz Wifi:Realtek RTL8723BE Can...
  18. CharlesXD

    Yosemite menu bar not translucent

    I have intel hd graphics. i installed all drivers kexts and not translucent yosemite :banghead:
  19. faisalwin7

    Intel HD 2500 can't set the Memory size into 32MB

    Hi, i'm using Mavericks 10.9.0 and i've see this thread and they write must set the Video Card Size into 32MB. but, My ASUS X201EV (Intel HD 2500, Celeron 1007U) not list 32MB on their Grahic memory Size, only 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB only :( Try changing to Chimera instead Chameleon, got...
  20. iluvsweetpea999

    HP ProBook 4540s compatibility

    Hi, I see quite a few posts expressing that the HP ProBook 4540s is one of the most "cooperative" laptops to install Mavericks on. Most of the posts I'm finding though are from last year. Does the same still hold true for the newer generations of the ProBook? Also, I see variations of the...