intel core i5

  1. MarkMartirosyan

    << Solved >> Motherboard Huananzhi H97-ZDD3 / intel Core i5 4440 - Intel HD Graphics 4600

    Hello! There was a problem installing on this hardware: Motherboard huananzhi h97-zd3 / intel Core i5 4440 - Intel HD Graphics 4600. Created a bootable USB flash drive with Mac Os Yosemite, the installation went without problems, but at the last stage of the reboot, endless reboots began. Maybe...
  2. Css13

    [GUIDE] macOS Big Sur on ASRock DeskMini 310 with 9th Gen Intel Core CPU, Dual-Boot

    Hi everyone :wave: This is a step-by-step guide about how to install macOS Big Sur on an ASRock DeskMini 310 like mine. If you have a similar hardware configuration, it may work for you too. Even if I wrote a similar guide on how to install macOS Catalina about one year ago, I made a clean...
  3. hackaro

    Hp Pavilion Dv6-6156sl - Please help me choose which is the best compatible installation guide

    Please, someone help me. Is there any expert who can post links to the hackintosh installation guide for my laptop? These are the components of my laptop: [Current Computer] Computer Brand Name: Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC Computer Model...
  4. CarlosRosuero

    Toshiba Satellite L850 (PSKG8A-046001) Laptop macOS Mojave Problems

    Hello everybody, So I just recently finished installing macOS Mojave on my laptop (exact model in the title) and I've been having some problems getting everything to work as desired. I have tried to solve most of them on my own, but I would nonetheless love to hear opinions from this newfound...
  5. floex

    What Would Final Cut Pro benefit more from? CPU or GPU?

    I plan on getting the Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB for 4K editing on Final Cut Pro, with the Intel Core i5-8600K and OC to save $$$. I was wondering if I'm better off with the higher powered GPU and the non-HT i5, or if I should just got for i7-8700 minimum? Wasn't sure if Final Cut Pro would...
  6. SmartphoneFan

    Problem while start of Sierra's installer on Acer Aspire 5742g

    Hello everyone, i made my bootable usb with Unibeast. I've follow this guide: When i try to start the installer of Sierra in verbose mode, happens this a few seconds later(video): [/SPOILER]
  7. Marcus21

    HP Laptop with Intel core i5 6200U, Intel HD Graphics 520

    Hi, do you think I can install macOS high sierra on my HP PC, with Intel Core i5 processor, sixth generation 2.30GHz 6200U, with an Intel HD Graphics 520 and 12GB of Ram?
  8. RHF

    El Capitan ACPI error 1665 on installer

    Hi All, first time posting on here! So I gladly welcome your support. I've got a tantalising issue.. the box I'm trying to use has booted into the installer once and once only (when it did boot to installer I saw no HDD's), a frustrating issue to say the least. I've tried pretty much every...
  9. sithinjatyler

    Is there a way to check for Metal compatibility?

    I have a fully working laptop hackintosh, with an intel Core i5-5200U CPU and HD 5500 Graphics. I have seen that supposedly Apple's "Metal" API will work with HD 4000 and newer, but since the HD 5500 is NOT supported by Apple by default, is there a way to check if programs can use Metal on my...
  10. hygorvinicius

    Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H and build change, this will work good?

    Hey guys! So, i'm building a computer for hackintosh and I have used the guide of the site, actually, I'm not building from scratch, I have a PC and I'll only change some parts. I'm buying: Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H LGA 1150 Box Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz PC3-12800 - KVR16N11S8 SSD 240Gb Sata 3...
  11. sergi4d

    I am thinking and I can't stop. I need some help

    Hi to everyone, i'm from spain and you are going to realize that my English is really bad, so I apologize for this. i'm thinking about to buy a laptop for run Mavericks, but i'm between two options. This two options are: -HP 250 G2 Intel Core i5-3230M/4GB/500GB/15.6"/ intel hd4000 OR...
  12. HackInBuild

    New Potential Build | i5 4690, GA-H87M-D3H, ect

    Hi there. I have spent a while fully customizing my potential hackintosh build. I think I have come to a final conclusion, so I decided to run it over the community. Here are the current specs of my build: MOBO: Gigabyte GA-H87M-D3H CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 650...
  13. draggem

    Brightness Keys Control | Card Reader

    Hi there anyone? :beachball: I Have HP G6 with 2nd Gen Sandy-Bridge i5 core 2.49Ghz, with Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card OS X: Mavericks 10.9.4 What works: Battery Icon on menubar Intel HD Graphics USB x3 Trackpad HDA (Synaptics) Brightness and brightness control with system prefs slider (I...
  14. spirosspirou

    first hackintosh,need help!

    Hi,i've tried many ways to install mountain lion and i never succeed.So i suppose some of my pc components are not supported. My specs:Intel Core i5-760,Foxconn H55MXV,Gigabyte Ati Radeon HD5670 1gb,2gb ram. So what should i change?Should i buy another motherboard,or graphics card?
  15. Nathan991

     Nathan991's $40 G5 Hackintosh Mod / Front I/O 

     Nathan991's $40 PowerMac G5 Mod / Front I/O  Hi everyone, just wanted to start off by thanking the amazing community we have here who helped me get my hackintosh running about 9 months ago. Anyway here it is: Specs: Gigabyte GA-P67X-UD3-B3 Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.21 Ghz...
  16. Hackingtosher121

    I can't login on the mac app store (Asrock z77 extreme 4)

    Hello Guys, I have installed OS X 10.8.2 on my pc and almost everything works. I have one issue: I can't login on the mac app store. I can however log into iTunes. I have setup my ethernet with a .kext file from osx86. I have tried multiple things (the guides i did understand) but nothing...
  17. AppleFan22

    Can you switch between integrated and dedicated graphics?

    Hey everybody, n00b here:geek:. I want to get a Radeon HD 7970 for my new gaming/Hackintosh (btw I will be dual booting Win7 and OSX) but I saw that OSX does not support the new 7000 series from ATI. I will be using an Intel Core i5-3570K so is there any way that I can use the integrated...