intel core i3 4170

  1. anibalhendrixmusic

    Help to enable Dual Monitor Igpu

    Hello, can help me to enable vga port of igpu?, My build is: Open core 0.6.4, Cpu: Haswell i3 4170 Motherboard: Asus H81m r2 (with VGA port only) Graphics: gt730 + hd4400 (integrated, using fake id), The gt730 have 3 output, vga + hdmi +dvi-d, and motherboard have one VGA, i have...
  2. SivaSai

    I am new to hackintosh and want to install it on my old pc

    I have an old pc with the following specs: Processor: Intel core i3 4170 Motherboard: Memphis2-S Ram: 8gb DDR3 1666 mhz Integrated Graphics: Intel HD 4400 Will I be able to run and install any mac os version on my pc. Please tell me the steps. Also if any upgrades required for my pc. I am very...
  3. toinkypoinky

    Will Core i3 4170 do the job?

    Hi Guys! Will an i3 4170 run? I plan to get an asrock h97 performance and a gt730 gpu. what would be the recommended macos? Thank you!