intel 9 series

  1. Css13

    [GUIDE] macOS Catalina on ASRock DeskMini 310 with 9th Gen Intel Core CPU, Dual-Boot

    Hello, Finally I've been able to make (almost) everything work on my Mini-PC with Hackintosh and Windows. :headbang: I'm writing this quick guide in case someone is having the same or a similar configuration. HARDWARE Case: ASRock DeskMini 310 Barebone Mini-PC Motherboard: H310M-STX CPU...
  2. MusicGuy92

    i9-9900K iHack Pro build for Logic Pro X

    Hi! First time builder here! I have been scanning through the forums (****** and tonymacx86) to piece together a proper build for music production, adobe tools and general game development. Im willing to have a large(ish) budget for this build as its going to be my main workstation. What...
  3. embasy

    Help with gfxutil 1.77b

    Has anyone ever encountered problems with trying to find DevicePath for their iGPU using the gfxutil tool? Not sure if it's because I'm using a 9th gen Intel chip, but I'm having the hardest time trying to find the Pci path for my CPU's integrated graphics (currently running Sapphire RX 580 as...
  4. jawie

    Core i7 4790K + Intel 9-Series GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 compatible?

    Hi guys, I´ve been planning on building a new Hackintosh with Intel's latest I7 4790K + 9-Series chipset CPU: Intel Core I7-4790K 4.0 GHz (will be released in a few days) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 (9-Series chipset) RAM: Corsair Dominator GT 4x 2GB DDR3 SSD: Kingston 60 GB...