intel 520

  1. charslan007

    HP EliteBook 820-G3 [Post Installation]

    Hi! Hackintosh Community, I recently installed Hackintosh high Sierra 10.13 on my hp elitebook 820-g3 but I am unable to install patches and kexts. I need help to install kext files, patches and config.plist file to work everything properly . Sound [Fixed] Intel HD graphics 520 [not fixed]...
  2. Andyapple

    [solved] The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave Public Beta

    Hi, I am having a problem during the installation of macOS Mojave Public Beta. I am able to make the first installation, the fast one (3-5minutes), but after the reboot, when the installation should finish, it gives my this error. The installer resources were not found. I am using an...
  3. koraxcz

    GPU memory recognized, still no transparency

    Hi :) I installed Sierra on my Inspiron and Im unable to get the integrated (and only) graphics card to work accelerated. I tried booting with Intel set to true, ig-platform set to 0x12345678, Fake ID set to 0x00000000. My system is loading Lilu, IntelGraphicsFixup. Mac OS detects the graphics...
  4. damainio

    [solved] help! acer aspire v15 has kp on boot

    so i've followed this thread to create my install usb: and i've also looked at this thread for good measure (but it's a bit different than mine i since have the Acer Aspire v15 Nitro...
  5. xSolowing

    [solved] Intel HD 520 on macOS Sierra 10.12.3 - KernelPanic

    Hello, I just updated my El Capitan installation to Sierra (using the AppStore). Everything work as it should, except QE/CI, because when i boot normally (With ig-platform-id : 19160000 and Without FakeID). I have this kernel panic : Anonymous UUID: 966278D2-6A65-3DC4-D96F-46410F61D043...
  6. FrankRodelli

    Asus UX305UA ElCapitan 10.11.4 install problems

    Specs: i5-6200u 8GB DDR ram Intel 520 graphics (No nvidia card) SSD blahblahlah Link to product page: I have already been through numerous guides including the long list of ElCapitan fixes as well as multiple USB drives and ports. I am...
  7. seangrommel

    Intel 520 SSD?

    It's not listed on Customac, so I am wondering, is the memory controller on the Intel 520 ssd's not supported?