intel 4400

  1. miguelcas59

    Help with intel HD 4400 on a laptop

    Hi good I have the laptop lenovo b50-80 ,i34005u with Catalina installed but Intel's integrated graphics card does not detect it, in about this Mac it detects me the graphics as a 4600 with 4MB and tested with IntelFx and Haswel 0a260006 but nothing. And I don't know what to do. I need help, please
  2. hassanswe

    Intel HD 4400 Slow boot time Catalina

    Hello .... I have Sony Vaio Duo 13 SVD13225PXB Have installed Catalina 10.15.7 Successfully And working fine but after I have applied ig-platform Id 0a260006 Boot time become slow takes about 3 minutes and more to boot I'll post PR files please have a look at this
  3. Tenmo

    Brightness doesn't work after ig-platform-id

    I just changed the id to 0xA260006 and the brightness full gone , I think its approximately 30% what I have now . I don't have any option in the "Display" menu . I tried the AppleBacklightFixup kext and the ACPI one and the Intel one too but that just crashed and that's not working above 10.12...
  4. xxxBlackApple

    Intel HD 4400 not working

    Good Evening, My Girlfriend and I are trying to set her Hackintosh up. Everything except Intel HD 4400 is running well so far. Right now it got recognized as HD 4600, but its a 4400, also it shows only 7Mb and the Dock, Menu-bar and some other elements are not transparent as it normally should...
  5. Ahmed6

    [Solved] Help!! Black screen after installing mutibeast

    Intel i3 4150 3.5ghz Gigabyte G1 Sniper B6 8 GB DDR3 I have installed macOS sierra using unibeast as UEFI. No problems during the installation process, sierra was successfully installed on my HDD. I used mutibeast to install bootloader and audio drivers, that was successful too. The problem is...
  6. verencelola

    Wrong Display and Graphics Properties Detected.

    Hey guys, I just successfully installed Sierra on my HP Pavillion laptop successfully. Everything is working okay except for the display, graphics and battery.The display brightness doesn't also show in the display preference pane. I successfully installed nVidia Web Drivers and CUBA and...
  7. Eathann

    Lenovo S510p - OS 10.12 works perfectly, Multibeast kexts has no effect.

    I managed to get MacOS Sierra installed and boooting perfectly. No keyboard and trackpad however I am aware I need the VoodooPS2 kext. Used wireless mouse and keyboard to boot and install the OS. Only issue that I just cannot seem to get full support of HD4400 and Realtek ALC233 sound. I am...
  8. fzn9898

    Can't get Intel 4400 HD Graphics to work on i3 4130 H81 M-S1 on El Capitan

    Hey guys, This is my first post. I recently intalled El Capitan on my Desktop. I can't get my onboard graphics to work on my Build. Also, Sound doesn't work. My configuration is as follows. Intel i3 4130, no external graphic card. 8GB DDR 3(4x2) 1600Mhz. Gigabyte H81 MS-1 Motherboard. I've...
  9. dpnptl

    OS X Mavericks Compatibility

    My System Spec : Gigabyte H18m-s1(GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-H81M-S1 (rev ...) Intel Core i3 4310( GPU Intel 4400 DDR3 8 GB Ram Dell e1914H (VGA Connection) I tried to install yosemite but...