1. HugoHernany

    Solved > Catalina with Intel HD 530

    Hello. If possible, I would like to help with my desktop. I am installing Catalina on my desktop and I want to use the integrated video, because I have an Nvidia card and it is not supported. I use High Sierra before, but I need to upgrade to Catalina to use a new version of Xcode. I can access...

    Dual monitors with integrated intel HD 630 HELP!!!

    Hello all, Before High Sierra, I was able to run dual monitors in my build following this guide: At that time, my build was configured as a skylake processor with hd 530 graphics with the fakecpu...
  3. yungyulli

    intel 4600 graphics upgrade possible?

    is it possible to have 2GB of vram on for my integrated graphics? I have a 17-4710hq and on the manufactures website it says it can have up to 2GB of ram, but on my hackintosh I only have 1536mb. I want to edit some videos on my hackintosh so i'd want the most ram my graphics can put out. does...
  4. webDeWo

    Can Intel HD530 and a Radeon be used at the same time?

    Hi, I'm currently building a new hackintosh with a triple monitor setup. Unfortunately, my mobo has only HDMI, DVI and a VGA output so I can't connect all the monitors to it. I also have a GTX 1070 but I know I can't use it just yet. However, I'm willing to buy some cheap discreet GPU for now...
  5. jake2141

    Nvidia graphics

    Hi I was just wondering if there is anyway that I could disable my integrated Intel 530 graphics and just enable my GTX 960m graphics on my laptop. Since there is no real drivers for the 530 yet I don't have QE/CI and its a real pain. Thanks in advance
  6. Chook943

    No option higher than 1080p in settings

    Hi there, just today have gotten my new El Capitan system up and running. Im running a 4k capable Acer CB280HK via display port however in preferences it won't let me select any options above 1080p! It also seems to think that the display is built in, even though it comes up as a Mac Pro 3,1...
  7. khalanteno

    Fears for Lenovo Z580

    Hello everyone, I have a lenovo Z580 with the following specs : System: Lenovo/Z580 + Clover CPU: Intel Core i5 3210M @ 2.50GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology + motherboard chipset : LENOVO Lenovo (CPU Socket - U3E1) Southbridge Model: HM76 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000...
  8. shinjiku01

    I don't use airplay and have discrete GPU

    I don't use airplay and have discrete GPU, i have disabled integrated graphic is there any reason i should keep it on. Is there any advantage keeping it on. I turned it off thinking it might lessen heat and or power consumption therefore increasing efficiency.
  9. ghettodog

    Sound producing. Integrated or dedicated graphics?

    Hi, guys. I'm new to Hacks, and, though, I read a lot of posts on this question, I don't want to spend the money for nothing, and need an exact answer. So, following this month's guide, I turned my attention at: Gigabyte GA-H97N Wi-Fi Core i7-4790 Crucial Ballistix Sport (16GB) 64GB SSD for...
  10. rcolem87

    HELP: GPU and Intel 4600 at the same time, crashing

    I'm looking for some clear direction with getting both my integrated GPU (EVGA GeForce 750ti SC) and my onboard Intel 4600 HDMI to work at the same time, and both with audio. You can see my build specs on this site I think, but I'm using Clover v2r3050 and Clover Configurator, I also have...
  11. FuManchu

    Clover: No wake with two displays and Intel Integrated Graphics

    I had pretty good success with Clover and Yosemite. But one issue remains: My system doesn't wake up when two displays are connected. Instead of waking up, I get a black screen and after a few seconds it restarts automatically. After the restart OSX tells me that my computer was not shut down...
  12. v8558

    HD4600 on 10.9.1?

    Hello, I just finished a build with a: Gigabyte GA H87M-HD3 (BIOS F3) Intel core i5 4430 8GB 1600MHz HyperX fury ram However, when I try to boot using the integrated graphics, I am not able to enter the system. In fact, unless I use the Unibeast drive to boot with -x, I cannot boot in at all. I...
  13. chezzus

    Intel HD4000 for OSX, Radeon R9 270 for Windows

    I have had a flawlessly working 10.7 install working for a year now and I would like to get into PC gaming. The card I've chosen to use is not supported but I would like to know how simple it is to switch between integrated/dedicated at boot. I am also okay with switching HDMI and DVI cables...
  14. ojamer

    Intel HD4600 Flickering

    RESOLVED: Intel HD4600 Flickering Okay so I started converting my PC into my first Hackintosh a couple of days ago and I've ran into another problem - this one I don't seem to be able to get around. I get flickers appearing when Safari is accessing ANY webpage. I also get similar instances...
  15. oscarandjo

    Cannot boot using GTX 670, can with integrated graphics set in BIOS.

    I installed my mavericks Hackintosh today using the UniBeast method, I have got all the drivers required installed and everything is working... But only when using integrated graphics. In my BIOS there are two settings, Integrated and PCI-E (GPU). I installed the Hackintosh with Integrated...
  16. sparkythehappygiraffe

    Xeon E3-1245v3/ HD Graphics P4600

    Hello, I am planning on building a new machine with a E3-1245v3 in it. Which also means it has Intel HD Graphics P4600. I'm not relying on the integrated GFX, but it would be nice. I know the 4600 is supported, does anyone know if the P4600 is? Thanks P.S. Please respond with your reasoning...
  17. datsafail

    Dual/Triple monitors, dual graphics, different resolutions

    Sitting on my desk right now is my "CriticalEpicness" hackintosh (see sig). It has two Dell S2340M monitors connected to the Nvidia GTX 650Ti via DVI. Recently, I tried to connect some Insignia TV to the internal graphics (HD4600) using HDMI and the screen is all garbled. I had similar issues...
  18. rpalmer919

    New Hackintosh Gigibyte Q77/Intel i5-3450 (HD 2500) Boot freeze

    I am having a curious issue with the hackintosh I am building/trying to build. Install went fine, had full-resolution video throughout and no problems. However, the boot freezes and displays video noise/static/snow on the monitor. This happens even in verbose mode. Has anyone dealt with this...
  19. xjtsx

    Screen goes black -- HD 4000 Graphics Problem 10.8.3 ML

    UPDATE: After installing the 1080p patch from Multibeast the problem seems to have gone away! Here is a picture of my problem: Everything was working FINE until i tried to install 'usb 3.0 generic drivers' via Multibeast, now when I boot up my graphics...
  20. chriswillis1001

    Snow Leopard Problem- PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Thanks in advance.

    I have the Gigabyte B-75M-D3P motherboard with and i5 3570k. I am using the integrated 4000 graphics. I booted into the bios flawlessly then changed my sata configuration to AHCI. Now I inserted the iBoot cd then the iBoot menu popped up. I ejected the cd and inserted a snow leopard install dvd...