integrated graphics

  1. WarTowels

    Thunderbolt 3 / DP / DVI-D / HDMI output question

    PRETEXT: Hello everyone, I'm just diving into researching about Hackintosh's and this is my first post so I apologize if there are any fauxpas I'm commiting. My question isn't entirely specific to a hackintosh, and is more of a general technology question but I figure users here might know the...
  2. SpectralTiger

    Simple macMini alike build (for now)

    Hey, I'm new in this hackintosh world, I used to work on my old macMini (Late 2012) which is getting slow these days :D. Current COVID situation in my country doesn't allow me spend that much money for new mac, so I decited to bite this Apple this way. It'd be used now for Web Development...
  3. HugoHernany

    Solved > Catalina with Intel HD 530

    Hello. If possible, I would like to help with my desktop. I am installing Catalina on my desktop and I want to use the integrated video, because I have an Nvidia card and it is not supported. I use High Sierra before, but I need to upgrade to Catalina to use a new version of Xcode. I can access...
  4. isaacholtis

    Solved > What Integrated Graphics Does macOS Support (I Only Use Intel)

    Hi Everyone, I am new to hackintosh, but I want to know what Integrated Graphics macOS supports. I am upgrading from a Intel 2120 @ 3.30GHz with Intel HD 2000. It's unsupported with no hardware acceleration and I need it for macOS. I have succesfully install many versions of macOS and all of...
  5. ema07cqc

    Solved > Unable to boot Mojave for the first time on a HP Elitebook Folio 1040 G3 [HD 520]

    Hello everyone! This is my 4th hackintosh! This time im trying to install Mojave on a EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 with Intel HD 520 Graphics. I followed RehabMan guide to create usb and installed fine on the SSD M2 (i think). Now, when i need to boot into System using Clover of course, with the...
  6. PickupMan

    Bios - - > Primary display - - > PCIE or IGPU

    Hi everyone! I'ts been a couple of months since my first working hackintosh, and to be honest, I'm really happy with it! However, my laptop has a Nvidia GTX 950m, which some of you may know, it's a mobile graphics card based on the unsupported (for mac's) optimus technology, so I was using the...
  7. ChazAshley

    HDMI doesn't work at all on Kaby Lake UHD 620

    Hi there, my CPU is i5-8250U and when I plug HMDI cord in my laptop and in my monitor - nothing happens at all. The cord is functioning because I was using it when my laptop had linux installed and everything worked okay. Here is what I've tried to do: 1. In the DSDT section of my config.plist...
  8. xxxBlackApple

    Intel HD 4400 not working

    Good Evening, My Girlfriend and I are trying to set her Hackintosh up. Everything except Intel HD 4400 is running well so far. Right now it got recognized as HD 4600, but its a 4400, also it shows only 7Mb and the Dock, Menu-bar and some other elements are not transparent as it normally should...
  9. embasy

    Help with gfxutil 1.77b

    Has anyone ever encountered problems with trying to find DevicePath for their iGPU using the gfxutil tool? Not sure if it's because I'm using a 9th gen Intel chip, but I'm having the hardest time trying to find the Pci path for my CPU's integrated graphics (currently running Sapphire RX 580 as...
  10. TimDrucker

    High Sierra Stopped Booting After 8 Months (stuck at apple screen)

    Hi guys, Am in a bit of a pickle here. Finished my first Hackintosh build around February this year and its all been running smoothly since; - Gigabyte Z170-XP - Intel i7 6700k - Corsair Vengence 2400mHz DDR4 - NVidia GTX 660Ti Except for one issue: After about 20minutes of use the...
  11. Adam00

    Retina/4k from integrated Graphics/GPU, or do I need additional GPU?

    Forgive my ignorance, but I have an easy question. One of the most important things for me to consider is the ability to run HIGH resolutions 2560x1600+ on a Retina/4k/5k monitor. (You know, the ability to do 300+ PPI) I simply can't have a computer that doesn't have retina display and high...
  12. rupps

    [solved] HP Probook 450-G4-i7 / intel620 - No HDMI or VGA Output, or HDMI reboot

    [SOLVED] :headbang::headbang::headbang: The problem was: - SMBIOS misconfigured. Changed to MacBookPro14,1 - Rehabman Patches for Native Kaby Lake vs. SkyLake spoofing - And to fix HDMI reset, there are several disabled patches regarding HDMI that I had to enable. Additionally, - Set CLOVER...
  13. muelotas

    Will I be able to hack Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p Tiny?

    Hi all this will be my first hack and was wondering will I be able to hack this with Sierra? or any other OSX? Thanks Details Intel Core i5-3470T Processor with Intel HD Graphics 2500 (2.9 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores) 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SODIMM Memory 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive...
  14. Museumoftechno

    Multiple monitors with integrated graphics?

    I'm collecting components for my first Hackintosh build. I'd like to use an i7 8700K CPU, with an Asus motherboard, and the integrated graphics specs go: * Drives up to 3 monitors * Up to 4096x2304 resolution on DP & HDMI interfaces The machine is for music production and web development, NOT...
  15. rgbfoundry

    GTX 1050 and Integrated HDMI

    I started both of my builds with GTX cards, but I'm considering using integrated graphics on a system that has a GTX1050 working like a champ. I'm trying to make sure I have some redundancies built into my system, but I can't get a video signal out of the onboard HDMI ports. Not even to see the...
  16. MrAlexander

    Fool of a took. Cant boot. Accidentally removed clover boot options.

    I am the fool, in case it wasn't obvious. Anyway, I cant boot my once working hackintosh as, in my attempt to fix another issue, i have gone into "Clover Boot Options" and hit "Remove all Clover boot options". Due to my original problem i am unable to get past the apple loading screen and am...
  17. santhosh2

    HD 4600 High Sierra on VGA

    Does any body know how to run Graphics Acceleration on high sierra via VGA ? I don't want to change my monitor. I like my monitor.
  18. joetazz

    Integrated HDMI works in clover boot screen but not OS

    Hi, I am sure this is going to be something I've overlooked but any suggestions would be really appreciated, I've searched the forums but not found the same problem. I am using intel HD Graphics 630 on the Asrock Z270 ITX mobo - HDMI gives display signal in bios and clover all good, it also...
  19. j4ys0n

    [Solved] Gigabyte Brix i3 7100u HD620 graphics install

    I have one of the new Gigabyte Brix with a Kaby Lake i3 7100u. It has Intel 620 Graphics onboard. I'm having trouble getting the graphics working correctly. I can boot with an invalid FakeID (0x12345678), but that's about it. The...
  20. techgeeksid

    z170x gaming 7 + gtx1060 3g + intel 7700k unknown error

    WhatsApp Image 2017-08-21 At 2.13.54 PM by techgeeksid posted Aug 21, 2017 at 2:18 PM using 10.12.6 intel graphics not working nvidia web drivers not working for gtx 1060 usb wifi not working how to fix this ???