installer never loads

  1. Myron-1998-18

    can't reach installer

    Yesterday everything was working fine when I forgot something and had to do the hole thing again. But then all of a sudden it didn't work anymore. I can only reach clover and klick on external which is the usb. then the screen turns black and then the pc turns itself off. I tried verbose, safe...
  2. JessBot

    Need help booting Optiplex 7050 from High Sierra clover USB - kernel panics

    I abandoned this... no sense letting this thread live.
  3. ericdong886

    Sierra Beta Cannot get to Installer

    Hi! I followed as what Tony said to do and created the USB, but when I tried to boot it, and with boot flags such as -v, -s, -x, and nv_disable=1, it all didn't work. El Capitan is working just fine right now. SPECS: -intel i3 3.7Ghz -Nvdia 750 Ti FTW -SSD -MSI B85m Gaming MOBO Heres a picture...
  4. ma77rock

    Stuck on Apple logo / Installer never loads HELP!!!!!

    Hi there! This is my first hackintosh build, I'm trying to install Mavericks. I've been trying to reach the installer part , but it won't , it will boot up , load the Apple logo and then freezes when its loading the installer , I've tried using some of those key commands , but nothing really...