installer error

  1. batbruno

    Installer stuck on "End randomseed error"

    Hello everyone, I have assembled the signature computer, I have been trying to install OSx Mojave for a week, the installer starts but stops on the "End randoseed" error stays on this error indefinitely. I prepared the pendrive with the "Install create media" command with clover Bootloader, I...
  2. isaacholtis

    macOS Installer stuck at apple logo and nearly done progress bar

    Hi, So I followed the guide to install macOS high sierra and successfully created a bootable usb stick. However, when I get to the clover screen and choose the installer icon it takes a really long time to load the apple logo and the progress bar, and then proceeds to take hours to get to...
  3. L4ARAY

    Mac OS X Mojave Install Issues, Help please

    I've been attempting to install mac os x Mojave 10.14 to my computer, but the installer takes about 20-30 minutes to load. A terminal window opens up, seemingly to show me it's loading the installer, and along the way it says that there's an unsupported PCH, G-Trace Synchronization reaches...
  4. dKaratzas

    Installer dont start

    The installer don't start. I have attacked screenshots on verbose mode and my clover. Whats the problem? Bios settings: Advanced \ CPU Configuration → Intel Virtualizaiton Technology: Enabled Advanced \ System Agent (SA) Configuration → Vt-d: Disabled Advanced \ PCH Configuration → IOAPIC...
  5. Andyapple

    [solved] The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave Public Beta

    Hi, I am having a problem during the installation of macOS Mojave Public Beta. I am able to make the first installation, the fast one (3-5minutes), but after the reboot, when the installation should finish, it gives my this error. The installer resources were not found. I am using an...
  6. TommyChase

    Can't install Clover installer

    I keep getting a incompatible package error with any of the Clover installers I have downloaded (most recent included) and I have tried to use the install anyway and it failed to install. I have a: Mid 2010 (5,1) Tower NVIDA GTX 780 OS 10.12.6 Thank you Tommy
  7. dfear

    [SOLVED] The version of macOS installed on this mac is newer than the version you are trying to inst

    Hi I am try to install High Sierra, as per I have have successfully booted from the install usb drive and have booted into "Install macOS High Sierra". I had to add a boot flag...
  8. JimJam14

    High Sierra Service Exited with abnormal code: 1

    Hi, I'm new to Hackintosh and have recently followed the guide on tonymacs to try and install high sierra onto a separate ssd in my system. I am running into an issue when trying to boot from the usb drive. If I run without verbose I get as far as halfway on the progress bar and then the...
  9. MickVO

    High Sierra Installer USB failing to Launch

    I am trying to run the High Sierra Installer from the USB drive I just made and I am running into some problems. My goal is to to wipe my rig with the disk utility on the USB installer, then to do a fresh install of Mac OS 10.13.2> the problem is when I boot the USB intsall from Clover it...
  10. LucaCerullo

    [READ ME] OsxAptiofix2Drv error with Unibeast

    Hello, I tried installing mac osx high sierra on my pc. HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak113nl When I click on install Os X High Sierra this error occurs: OsxAptiofix2Drv : Starting overriders for \.IABootFiles\boot.efi My components are: Intel I7-6700hq Intel HD530 Nviadia GTX 950M
  11. max0000402

    I cant instal NvidiaWeb pkg file

    Hello. I installed mac os High Sierra (17A365) on my computer. Then I installed a clover from pkg and tried to install nvidiaWeb driver, but I could not. The installer gave an error of -1. Also I can not install some pkg files. Help me. Thank you.
  12. hotshot89

    "The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manuf

    Hey everyone. Long time reader, first time poster. So I had been putting updates off for quite a while, and finally got around to trying an update from 10.8 to 10.8.4 I've tried both the combo update and the app store method, and I still keep getting the "The Installer encountered an...