1. asarath

    Impossible to install on Dell XPS8300

    Hi everyone, I got my hands on a DellXPS8300. The configuration is: Core i5 2320 (HD2000) H67 MB (make not known) 8 GB RAM Zotac GT730 (I think 1 GB, not sure) I have tried installing (with the appropriate Unibeast): Sierra (Clover, UB 7.1.1) El Capitan (Clover, UB 6.2.0) Mavericks (Chameleon...
  2. MichaelCasillas

    HighSierra and USB 3.0

    Has anyone tested the installation of the USB 3.0 Drives on High Sierra at this moment in time? Is it safe to use the instructions that were used for Sierra? I would like to get my TimeMachine Backup drive connected via USB 3.0 as 2.0 drags these systems down.
  3. mahidul96

    Sierra Installer wants to verify computer. Continue?

    Hi, I am currently running Yosemite and want to create a UniBeast installer for my future build. I have tried to download High Sierra from the Mac App Store but it downloads a small file which downloads the installer i.e. the full download is not in my Applications folder. I contacted a...
  4. SpooderPutato

    [Solved] High Sierra Direct update stuck

    Help. So i did everything according to installation guide until first reboot “install from high sierra” this spinning gear shows up in the middle of the loading process as shown in the picture below. It’s been going on about an hour now. It’s spinning, but very slow, and it’s overlapping itself...
  5. abhinavlal

    [Solved] Sierra Installation stuck

    Trying to install Sierra on my new build using the clover recommendations from guide. I don't see any visible error but installation is stuck on this screen for 20 minutes. Motherboard - Gigabyte z170x-Gaming 3 Processor - Intel i7 6700K
  6. Troik

    Installation can't be finished since keyboard doesn't work

    Hey there, i'm just processing the update to El Capitan using clover (made a fresh isntallation, so i errased the Harddrive according to the Guide). Now, i can't enter my Name/the Account name, because my PS/2 keyboard isn't working. I was looking around in the forum, but i couldn't find a...
  7. Lukej92

    Can I install Mac OSX on my desktop?

    Hi guys I was wondering if I could run a hackintosh on my desktop. I really want to run Logic Pro and a couple of other applications that are only available on MAC Here are my specs.. Processor: Intel i5 7600k Motherboard: MSI Mortar B250M GPU: AMD Radeon Sapphire RX 480 4GB Could someone...
  8. joe904

    Hackintosh Set-Up Help

    Hardware: Gigabyte Z270X Gaming K7 Processor i7-7700k Samsung 960 nvme m.2 500 GB Gigabyte GTX 1060 Extreme 6gb Corsair Vengeance 16gb Really asking for some assistance. This hackintosh has been kicking my butt for a few days. I am unable to get it into the installation screen. SOOO... I first...
  9. Balthar

    GA-Z77N kernel panic on 1st boot after installation (MV to Sierra)

    Tried to direct update from Mavericks to Sierra via clover and AppStore according to guide, including system def change to imac14,2. Update didn't work as expected. Second install via bootable thumb drive unibeast and clover version 4045. (Pre-installed clover with latest version 4152. No...
  10. RandyBoBandy

    [Solved] Sierra won't recognize Samsung ssd during installation

    hey everyone, I've gotten to the installation menu but sierra won't recognize my ssd. The bios recognized it, perhaps it is simply not formatted for Mac OS? Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks
  11. ReoL

    Help with Mac OS X el capitan install (10.11.6)

    I'm getting some errors when installing the Mac OS on my PC. I'm quite new to this so if anyone could help me out. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Tinapat4445

    Can't install / Boot MacOS Sierra ("No" Sign)( Prohibited Sign )

    Hi, This is my first Hackintosh. My intention is to use Final Cut Pro X on it for faster editing. I have followed every step and still I can't to boot the installer. HELP!
  13. TroubleMaker023

    Can I use MultiBeast for the post installation of High Sierra ?

    Hey there I was just wondering if I could use MultiBeast after I've installed High Sierra on my PC, also will there be a streamlined tool like UniBeast for High Sierra once it releases ?
  14. kingopino is possibile?

    I have this pc made by myself: I5 7600k -8x2gb ram ddr4 corsair vengeance asus gtx 1070 turbo and a z270 a asus motherboard. Can I install hackintosh with my hardware? I have due hdd and one samsung evo 750 ssd... I have a macbook air too if that can help...
  15. aeroxy

    How to create a GUID bootable sierra installation with unibeast 7.1.1?

    Hi, I have a GA-Z97-HD3 board and the guides on internet typically skipped the part on creating a bootable sierra installation with unibeast 7.1.1. I remember in the past unibeast could be installed on a GUID partition, but now it will show an error that it can only work on HFS. This is...
  16. julienscherliss

    Stuck on loading screen after new Sierra Installation

    Hey there, Just finished installing Sierra on a new Hard Drive. I followed the guide on TonyMacx, I was able to boot and install Multibeast. I used the legacy install setting and the only thing I added/changed was checking on realtek 889 for audio. Once rebooting I am stuck on the loading...
  17. HenryAllen

    MacOS Sierra Installation keeps rebooting

    Hello, I've been triying to download MacOS Sierra on my old rig for a while now, everything works great until I try booting with Clover. The Apple logo appears but after 10 seconds my computer just reboots, I've tried countless times with different configurations and settings, nothing seems to...
  18. curvin

    INstall osx Asus g53jw hackintosh help needed.

    Hey all, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I am new at this hackintosh thing as i pulled out my old ASUS g53jw for the conversion. 5year old. i7 with 8gig 120GB ssd. So i have been learning and battling this for 12 hours and have not gotten very much further the hitting the on button...
  19. tunotchix

    [Solved] Installation fails, a whole lot of files seem to not be there

    hello everyone! I started my hackintosh project yesterday (specs: gtx 1070, gigabyte ga-b250m-d3h, i5-500, 8gb) and managed to get to installer now after an evening of messing around with the clover config. I now tried installing macos twice and both times it fails. There isn't a specific point...
  20. Maatus

    System doesn't boot after Multibeast-configuration

    Hey folks, I got massive problems with my brand new hackintosh-build. Installation of sierra (10.12.5) worked well, but from the beginning my machine didn't recognise the whole ram and the graphics (geforce 1070). I then used multibeast for configuration, but when doing the changes and reboot...