1. SeBaez

    [Solved] Loading bar almost done, then reboots

    Hello everyone! This week I built my first Hackintosh and could successfully install High Sierra. However, after running Multibeast and restarting the computer, the Mac loading screen only loaded up to 98% or so, and after one or two minutes, rebooted. This became an infinite loop I couldn’t...
  2. Rocco97

    Prohibition symbol when starting the installation

    hi, I have a problem, practically today I wanted to install hackintosh for the first time on my pc (which has no operating system), the specifications you can find in my profile, the problem is that, when I start the boot of macOS High Sierra, at loading the Apple is interrupted by making a...
  3. Fratta

    Mouse and Keyboard not work on Language Screen GigaByte H370 HD3

    Hi, i've follow the buyers buide and my pc have: [ Gigabyte H370 HD3 motherboard Intel i5 8400 GeForce GTX 1050. ] the problem is on the "language screen",mouse and keyboard not work but in the bios and clover are working. how i can fix it? sorry for my bad english :D
  4. Alex76677667

    Acer V3-572 - Installation Issues with Clover config

    Hi there, I've tried many times in the past to install MacOS on previous machines and have never been able to get to the installation screen of mac. I have followed various laptop guides and I haven't gotten anywhere. Clover will either reboot or crash with various issues. I have wiped my mac os...
  5. Nyak

    Architecture Couldn’t Be Recognized (PMC_BOOT_42 = 0x00000013)

    I’m doing a fresh install on new NAND M.2 drive, running on the Rehabman branch of Clover v2.4k r4444 due to a previous kernel cache error I just resolved. Another post indicated disabling SATA in the peripherals tab of my BIOS would solve the problem, but it just resulted in a different cause...
  6. DeColo

    Gigabyte Z370M-DS3H Installation/Boot Problems

    I'm attempting to build my first hackintosh and am having some issues. My build: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370M-DS3H CPU: Core i7-8700K Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050Ti Firstly, I am able to adjust all BIOS settings according to the tonymacx installation guide except for one. I do not see an option...
  7. infopz

    [Solved] High Sierra Freeze after reboot

    Hi, i'm t trying to install/upgrade my hackintosh. I had an hackintosh with macOS Sierra, yesterday i tried to upgrade my system to High Sierra following the guide, but after the first reboot the progress line stucked to a 10%, after some hours i tried to press some keys in the keyboard and the...
  8. htc77

    "...while loading the installation resources"

    Hi guys! I've tried to install macOS High Sierra on my laptop b590 and process stopped at the beginning, when I choose "High Sierra" hard drive. I've got the message "macOS High Sierra could not be installed on your computer. An error occurred while loading the installer resources". I really...
  9. airleaffern

    Installation of macos could not continue

    Hi all. This is my first hackintosh. I am stuck at the installation as i try to install in on my 860 evo ssd. Any idea how to solve this? I have uploaded the installer log on. Pls save me.
  10. geserjav

    Need help installing High Sierra on GA-P75-D3, i5-3570

    Hello everyone. I need to install Hackintosh on my PC. I have worked on MacOS before but never tried to install Hackintosh one so I'm pretty much newbie here. Can I install Hackintosh on this PC? Motherboard: GA-P75-D3 CPU: Intel i5-3570 RAM: Kingston 2x4gb GPU: Asus GTX 650 Specs are...
  11. x3n1x

    High Sierra: Fresh Install Issue - "The installer resources have expired"

    Hi, I'm trying to install macOS High Siera on a fresh new system comprised of Gigabyte GA-H270M-D3H + Intel Core i5 7400 and a 250GB SSD inside, using this Unibeast Guide. I also ran into this Unibeast bug and used the workaround mentioned there to proceed further. It works fine till the step...
  12. jjdizz1l

    Dell Precision M6800

    I haven't been apart of the Hackintosh community for a while, but I want to give it a try on my laptop. Here are the specs and my situation. I want to use the laptop's internal display and the discrete NVIDIA graphics. I haven't even had a chance to install the MacOS... I know such a noob...
  13. dcvogi

    [Solved] macOS could not be installed on your computer

    Hello everyone, Just got my new build (reference below) and joined this wonderful community. Build: CPU: Intel i5 8400 Mobo: Asrock Z370 pro4 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti As I said, I just got my new build and I am planning to load macOS on it with your help. On my first try, I followed the...
  14. LSaadi

    Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot

    Hello, I'm installing Hackintosh for the first time with UniBeast and MultiBeast using this YouTube tutorial. <----- My specs are here My BIOS is normally correctly configured (UniBeast load "correctly"). But when I load the installer, the Mac icon appear, then the loading bar but nothing...
  15. alex1304

    [PRO HELP NEEDED] macOS hackingtosh help

    So, I have decided that I want to continue my computer journey on a macOS. I don't have enough money to spare to get a new iMac or something so for now I would like to use my current PC. Now my specs aren't that great but for what I need it, it's enough. Intel Pentium G4400 no OC AsRock...
  16. IsaacBerglind

    Current Custom PC Able to Install MacOS?

    Hi guys, I've had a custom Windows 10 PC that I've used for music production, but I've switched to Logic Pro X for that and am going to build a Hackintosh. I'm trying to see if my current parts are compatible: Motherboard: Asus Q170m-c Processor: Intel i5 6500 RAM: 8 gb Kingston ValueRAM DDR4...
  17. laranz

    Installing Sierra on Dell Optiplex 990 i5 - Progress bar stucked

    System Configuration: Model - Dell Optiplex 990. Processor - i5 RAM - 4GB Graphics - Internal. ( I have a GeForce 210, but didn't install that in the machine yet ) I tried this official guide...
  18. AminoAdrian90

    High Sierra Boot Stuck on stall "AppleACPICPU"

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to update my Hackintosh from El Capitan to High Sierra for a while now. It worked out fine in the beginning, but after erasing my hard disk and rebooting, I'm getting stuck at "kextd stall: AppleACPICPU" (see picture). I can't figure out how to get pass it, as I'm...
  19. prototypeDCB

    [solved] - An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again.

    Hello everyone. I followed the official guide to install High Sierra on my T470, but after a long time booting I see this screen when trying to install the OS. I formatted the partition using Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as indicated. This is a partition on an NVME SSD. I have also installed...
  20. TZombi1234

    [Solved] Can't start the installatiion... ACPI error.. 6 table load faliture, 1 successful.

    I need help with my installation: I used unibeast 8.1.0 for create the usb for boot the installation of high sierra... My specs : Intel i5 4440 Nvidia Gtx 960. I disabled pci/e on the bios(so i started the pc with cpu graphics) but nothing.. What should i do? (sorry for bad english xD).