1. bflavio

    After the Apple logo loading screen the monitor goes on stand-by

    I'm trying to install High Sierra on my Desktop PC with: - MoBo ASUS PRIME B360M-A; - CPU Intel Core i7-8700; - 16 GB Ram; - integrated graphics; when the loading screen with the Apple logo is at 60%-70% the monitor goes into stand-by but the PC is still on.
  2. hellohackintosh

    macOS mojave installation stuck on apple logo

    Hello tonymacx86 forum, I am new when its going about hackintosh. I want to install macOS mojave on my PC. But every time I try install it stucks on the apple logo. I absolutely dont know what I have to do and absolutely dont know what I have to send into this forum so that you can help me. I...
  3. chrisklobke

    Reinstalling failed

    Hi, I already had a running version of MacOS High Sierra on my computer and also installed a Windows partition with bootcamp. Yesterday my goal was to update to Mojave and it failed. I didn't found any bootable MacOS-System in the boot-menu afterwards just the Windows-Partitions. So I tried to...
  4. TheAngryChef

    Mohave Installation Stuck On "IOReturn IONVMeController::CreateSubmissionQueue"...

    Hello All, I've been trying to get OS X Mohave or High Sierra installed on my PC for two days now. Whenever i start the installation from clover, it gets this far and then stops completely (verbose in attached image) "IOReturn IONVMeController::CreateSubmissionQueue(uint16_t, uint8_t)::2742:SQ...
  5. JulienMalka

    << Solved >> Still waiting for root device error

    Hello, I'm trying my first ever install of an hackintosh and I'm getting the "Still waiting for root device" error. I have tried every USB 2.0 port of my motherboard and I'm trying to perform the installation from an USB 2.0 stick. For the installation, I followed this tutorial ...
  6. erixxxon

    << Solved >> Help! Can't get to installation screen, but to clover screen

    Hello everyone, I'm building my fourth Hackintosh now, but I'm kind of stuck... MoBo: Asus ROG Strix Z390-F CPU: Intel i9 9900k Graphics: Integrated Intel UHD 630 RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000 Corsair Vengeance Disk: Samsung 860 Evo 2,5" 500GB I set Graphics to integrated in BIOS, used 128mb for the...
  7. Ferwax

    Unable to boot after Multibeast installation

    The title says it all. I follow all the steps exactly as I should. After the first boot from the drive the trackpad or any other USB device wasn't working. After some research I found what I had to install through Multibeast but I'm not sure what else I have to install that won't make my laptop...
  8. NightinBlade

    Laptop support with RTX cards

    I just got a new laptop, the MSI gs65, for university and there is this one class were i need to use mac for a program and I know there aren't support for RTX cards, but I was wondering can i just use mac with my Intel GPU and disable the RTX one. Also which version of MacOS would you recommend...
  9. juf

    Mojave installation does not finish (UniBeast) | H370M-D3H-GSM

    Hey, I'm having some issues installing my first build. My setup: • Gigabyte H370M D3H GSM (wanted DS3H from the Mobo list first, but only the D3H-GSM was available) • IGFX (since no real graphics loads are demanded) • i5-8400 • 970 EVO I'm following this guide. I created a USB stick using...
  10. cowcowpod

    << Solved >> Stuck at gray screen with cursor/mouse

    Fixed by installing Rehabman's fork of VoodooTSCSync. *sigh* this took me way too long. Hi! My device hangs at a gray screen, with a movable mouse (and since it's an installer, there's legal text at the bottom). I've found numerous similar posts, most of which point to graphics. The actual...
  11. indigothm

    Installation fails after rebooting

    Hi, I have managed to get to installation process, format the drive and run the installer. At the end of installation the system reboots and the installation does not proceed any further giving the following error: failed to send exception exc_corpse_notify error code 5 for pid 285...
  12. JPradeep

    Help me! Installation for Hp - r249tu, i3 Processor, 8gb ram, no graphic card.

    Can anyone help me how to install macOS in HP laptop with no graphics card in it? Please, guys, help me out. I have 4th gen CPU. 8 gb ram, 120ssd WD, and no graphic card. Please help.
  13. ohfox75

    Trouble Installing Mojave on Gigabyte H370M

    First time Hackintosher and I’m stuck. Following the Mojave install instructions and everything worked up to where the Mojave installer rebooted for the first time. After selecting the USB key and choosing the Mojave Installer on my SSD to continue the install, the system shows a Mojave install...
  14. Citronsaft

    Alienware 15R3 - Mojave Refuses to Start after Installation

    ...or how I learned to stop worrying and eat asbestos. Installing macOS Mojave on an Alienware 15R3 machine. We used this guide as a starting point, since the machines are somewhat similar enough. Installation went fine, with no issues, but after completion, the install won't start up, getting...
  15. palamosteliaro

    Kernel Panic on installation, (about 10 seconds after files start to copy)

    Its a Gigabyte Z390 Master with a 9900K. I have followed various installation guides I found for Z390 Gigabyte boards (and the Z390 Master + 9900K specifically) Here is the installer log and the kernel panic verbose on video: Since the last messages appearing on the installer log are about...
  16. Volgrath

    Problems with 10.13.6 installation

    Hello! I've posted one issue about having problems with the 10.13.6 installation but as soon as I solved one issue, another emerged and I felt I could use some help. I bought a new computer with the following build: ASRock H310M-G/M.2 motherboard Intel Core i5 8400 2.8ghz EVGA GeForce GTX...
  17. im.sonubharadwaj

    HP 15-be002tx Compatibility Support

    Hello Guys Out there. I'm a complete Beginner to Hackintosh. But a little bit of experience in handling the installation. I'm having a HP Notebook and below are the Detailed Specification of it: Model : HP 15-be002tx Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-6200U with Intel® HD Graphics 520 (2.3 GHz, 3 MB...
  18. mises

    How to fix brightness on XPS 15?

    I have an XPS 15 9570 on which I am installing OSX Mojave. I am trying to run the installer, and it seems to work. However, the screen goes very dim part way through the boot process (before I see setup screen) and cannot be increased. How do I solve this issue? Thank you.
  19. S

    [HELP] Stuck at installation. (With image) [Vostro 14 5459 i7-6500u , 930m]

    My laptop BIOS mode is Legacy . It's stuck at this. My device info : Please help .
  20. VilijamDinov

    ASUS FX502VM Laptop installation problem

    Is it compatible i7 7700hq GTX1060 Installation guide for this type of laptop please i am trying so hard to make it happen! Thanks