installation problems

  1. Axagthoth

    HELP! Can't get formerly working High Sierra build to function again

    Dear tonymacx86 users, back in the day shortly after High Sierra got released I decided to piece together my first Hackintosh build following Stork's amazing Asus Maximus VIII Gene guide. My system is a bit different than that of Stork's (the processor is an Intel i7-6700, and I use a Samsung...
  2. sasuke1998

    Install Hackintosh on Alienware 17r4

    hi i Need help with the Installation I created a Install disk and my Laptop wont boot the installation drive. what can i do Alienware 17r4 GTX 1080 i7 7820hk 32 gb ram
  3. miHah

    << Solved >> Mojave installation problems (freeze, unresponsive)

    Hello all, I've been following tonymac for some time now, I believe this is a great community and that if I ever needed some help I would only trust you guys. I am annoyed to tell you but the time has come! :banghead: The last time I've been in touch with Hackintosh was back in 2015 and I...
  4. Gigzz10

    Can't proceed with the installation

    Hello, I've built this PC according to the guides you gave in this website. I'm trying ti install High Sierra on my PC. The problem that I have is that when I'm in the installation part to choose the language that I want to the system, the installation blocks or something happens that blocks me...
  5. James1980

    SOLVED: Cannot reach installation screen, please help

    Hello I have had this working before with a different graphics card (GeForce 8600 GTS) but that broke so i bought the GT 740 and fitted without any problems. Only recently I went to upgrade to El Capitan using...
  6. jboogsthethug

    Clevo Based Hackintosh: Unibeast or Clover?

    I am working on getting my first hackintosh up and running, and I've been running into problems. first of all, this is a laptop, specs below. Motherboard: Intel Z170 Processor: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0GHz Memory: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz Storage Drive 1: M.2 SSD - 256GB Samsung 950 PRO (NVM Express)...
  7. jmoore5036

    HELP!!! Stuck on Still Waiting for Root Device El Capitan

    Hi All, First of all I have already read through the BIG LIST OF PROBLEMS so please don't refer me to that. This is my second build. I did a success Yosemite build a while back and have since made a couple attempts at an El Capitan build. I am stuck and cannot figure out what to do. My...
  8. lgbaquero

    Trying to Install El CAPITAN but getting ERRORS

    Hey Guys, It's my first time trying to do this, so I hope someone can be patient enough and help me :mrgreen: Ok, I created the USB using UniBeast 2 twice. First time I injected the NVIDIA Video Card files, and a second one without any video drivers. Both time I'm getting this after a couple...
  9. srikayy

    Black Screen With Dash in the Corner

    I installed El Capitan following the directions using UniBeast on Legacy Mode and with the NVIDIA graphics option. When I plug the USB drive into my PC and boot from it, however, it just shows a black screen with a dash in the top left corner. I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s3720y PC