1. paranoia32

    Long boot time after installing Nvidia WebDrivers

    Hey, I've been fiddling with getting the drivers for GTX 970 installed. I've followed the guide and am running into the issue of MacOS booting for 10 minutes now, the bar is slowly filling up and I'm unsure if it will ever finish. Last few tries I had it did the same thing but eventually...
  2. jackshawn

    [HELP]Cant get installer interface,(asrock h170m itx/ac)

    I m new here,as recommended, i bought asrouck h170m itx/ac,6700k.I followed the installation guide ,as step3,there is no asrock recommended bios setting. I loaded defaults, disabled tv-d,cfg-lock,secure boot mode.and enabled xhci handoff,but didnt find os type and io seral port.after choosing...
  3. longi23

    Can i install Snow Leopard in my Toshiba Satellite?

    Hi there! I'm new around here. I have a toshiba satellite with linux running- I was wondering, is it possible to get it working with a Mac OS? I believe Snow Leopard will be the best, because it has only got an Intel Dual Core and 4 gb ram. The model is the following: Toshiba Satellite...