1. whiteagle

    Installing Catalina with UniBeast 10.0 black screen

    Trying to use new UniBeast, start with Clover bootloader, select "Install Catalina ...". it loads with the apple logo screen, then the progress bar goes up to about 70%. Then screen blinks once (with some violet artifacts) and then it is a black screen, nothing happens. BIOS settings are like in...
  2. fill0r4

    Black screen during the installation

    Hi everyone, that's the First Time I build an hackintosh system. I'm trying to install High sierra and during the install, the progress bar stops going further and It gives a Black screen. For trying to know the reason of that screen I selected the verbose and here Is what It gives before It...
  3. ishtiaq156

    Stuck at End RandomSeed

    So, I'm using RehabMan's laptop guide to install Mojave onto my laptop. I followed the guide word-to-word. In fact, I got it memorized now, haha Attached is my EFI Folder with the screenshot of where I'm stuck. Only thing I changed in the config was added my RAM details (slot, size, part...
  4. Stivenko

    Can't Update EFI Folder with Cloverr To Install Catalina

    Hello there, :thumbup: recently I decided to install Catalina on my laptop which already have Mojave installed and running perfectly. SO, I tried updating my clover drivers and kexts on my EFI folder to the newest available, but the installer was not opening... can you help me by saying what do...
  5. notyand

    Stuck at 100% first install (no vram variable)

    Help??? Everything has gone relatively smoothly with my first boot of mojave until the apple logo/progress bar stalled at 100%... I've tried a few things (npci=0x3000.. usb ownership/injection.. definitrely using usb 2.0.. checking bios settings against guides) and have stalled at this Any...
  6. alexpriftis85

    Can't install High sierra 10.13.6 on HP Laptop

    Hello Guys! I'm quite new to the hacintosh ecosystem and i desperately need your help. I have an HP 15-ac-131nv Laptop with: CPU: I7-6500U SKYLAKE GPU: Intel HD 520 Graphics + AMD R5 M330 M/B: HP 8136 (CPU-Z) I followed the guide here...
  7. aniknik

    Can I install Hackintosh with windows 10 in HP Pro 3330 MT PC

    MY HP Pro 3330 MT PC Configuration Intel Core i3 3220 (core 2, therad-4) RAM 6 gb HDD 320 Graphic- Intel HD Graphics 2500 Audio driver - Realtek Lan Drive- Realtek
  8. Bingdotcom

    Mojave 10.14.6 Clover install/EFL issues, SOS ! Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro WiFi + i7 9700K

    Hello everyone! i'm quite new at this so i've been nervous to post anything without putting the work in, but i feel stuck !! trying to install vanilla Made bootable USB drive with terminal command, then installing clover v2.5k r5070 bootloader to it. My BOIS settings should be all at the...
  9. JCMunsonII

    Catalina Install fails on Prohibited Symbol

    Greetings! My attempt to install Catalina failed with a prohibited symbol. This is the last bit of text before that graphic is displayed: Any thoughts here? Clover: 5070, kexts up-to-date, and -disablegfxfirmware in clover boot options. Thanks! Jon
  10. Wh00t

    High Sierra install to Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming

    Dear hackingods, Can't get past this freeze trying to install UEFI High Sierra from USB. Freezes on line "using 16384 buffer headers and 10240 cluster IO buffer headers". I tried to install Mojave at first, but didn't get any further. Thought that HS would be easier, but as seen I ended up...
  11. comcomson

    HELP stuck at clover loading: 1

    Hi, Im unable to enter installation. It's created by vanilla method and using attached EFI folder. Here's what I did to boot up to this screen: 1- Added USBInject kext and XHCIUnsupport Kext to fix Prohibited Logo during loading 2- Injected ID 0x3E918086 to fix black screen (Using HDMI)...
  12. threequartersearth

    Mojave Installer Stuck at 12 Minutes Remaining

    I'm at three days of working on this build, and I'm currently stuck at the "About 12 minutes remaining message" in the Mojave installer. Once it gets to this point, the progress bar does not move, even if I leave it for an hour. I've attached the installer log. Booting into the installer...
  13. erikmay

    System Crash on Installation

    Hi, I am new to the Hackintosh Topic and I just cant resolve this issue. When I boot up for the installation everything goes perfectly fine.. until I want to install Mojave on the previously formatted drive. No matter what I do, I cant get past the Installer. It loads shows 3min remaining...
  14. krosz31

    Stuck at apfs_module_start:1393

    Hi guys, im trying to install Mojave on my computer, i dont have any OS , so its a clean install, i have all the BIOS settings required but its stuck at this apfs module thing. I used unibeast, and didnt touch the config.plist. Can anybody help me ?
  15. Thrashavich

    Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 - 10.14.5 - Can't get to installer

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I last dabbled in this stuff. I had set up 30+ systems in the days of Sandy Bridge but the process felt so much easier back then. I've searched tonymac forums as well as other websites for solutions but none of the fixes I come across seem to work. I cannot...
  16. BlobZ

    Initial install hangs

    I'm trying to load Mojave on an ASUS ZenBook S(UX391UA) and it stops whilst loading and all I can do is power the notebook off. I've taken a picture of the console and am hoping someone can help. I've read a lots of options regarding the 4K display and have configured the Clover config for this...
  17. zyberguy

    Cannot install Mojave on Asrock Z77e-itx/ac

    Hi, I am just a newbie for the hackintosh and tried to install Mojave on my computer. The specification of this rig are Motherboard : Asrock (flash with modified bios already) CPU : i7-3770k Ram : Kingston HyperX 4GBx2 at 1866 Storage : Liteon msata 256GB, WD 1TB, WD 2TB GPU: Vega64...
  18. someperson

    Which Drivers Should I Use for Mojave Post-Installation?

    Hello everybody! It's been a very long time I finally got around to installing Mojave on my Hackintosh, and am currently having some issues. Audio is not working properly, and every time I try to restart my computer, it gets caught in a "restart-loop" where it keeps restarting over and over...
  19. prakkie

    Installation help required for High Sierra on HP e9290f

    Hi, I am new to hackintosh and here are my machine details: HP Pavilion Elite e9290f Pegatron IPMTB-TK (Truckee) motherboard i7 920 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Legacy BIOS (i believe) No integrated Graphics I tried High Sierra steps with Unibeast. I have also changed SATA to AHCI. I am able to run...
  20. rajanpandit2000

    My HDD is uninitialise during Install Mojave

    I have two SSD 1. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB 2. Kingston K-98-UV500 When I boot with Bootable Mojave USB, my Samsung SSD show but with the same cable, my Kinston SSS becomes uninitialized. And same with my Internal 7200 RPM HDD. I not able to install on both.. I do not want to install it on...