install mac osx

  1. MicaiahWalker

    Cannot "select disk to install macOS"

    Mac OS starts properly and I get all the way to "Select the disk where you want to install macOS" ... but I cannot select any drive. I formatted my SSD drive in disk utility to be called "High Sierra SSD" as seen in photo and it shows it as a selectable drive but I cannot select it. My track pad...
  2. MrColo

    A White simbol when I install mac rror

    Hello I've got this problem when I install mac OSX. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot. Pc specs: Intel i5 8400 Asus Rog B360-F 2x4gb hyperx fury 2666mhz Asus rog strix gtx 1050 oc Thanks
  3. Floken

    Update to 10.6.8

    Hello, i just installed Snow Leopard on my Samsung E3520 (laptop) (using this guide: ). Everything worked perfect until step 3/4. I followed the instructions, but after completion of the installer, a message says i...