install fail

  1. playforest

    [[SOLVED]] Late to the Catalina party: The endless install reboot.

    Hi All! Finally making the jump to Catalina from Mojave (after a software upgrade means I now need to upgrade the OS). Having tried every option possible with no luck (never ending dead ending on the 1689 issue), I decided to revert to my original idea of a completely fresh install to a new...
  2. marcurlng

    Gygabyte Z490M (NOT Gaming X) hangs on the Apple logo

    Hello, trying to build my first hackintosh but after Clover, install hangs on the Apple logo : no progression bar or else. + GIGABYTE Z490M, Intel Z490 Mainboard - Socket 1200 (BIOS version F6 and setup as required) + Crucial P2 CT1000P2SSD8 SSD Intern 1To, 2400 Mo/s (3D NAND, NVMe, PCIe, M.2) +...
  3. Itay1778

    Can not install Big Sur - a gray screen...

    Hi, everyone. I'm trying to install MacOS Big Sur on my desktop. (I was in High-Sierra for years but decided it was time to move on but my GPU does not support so I have to use my iGPU.) My problem is: While the installation is starting I come across a gray screen with a mouse. And that's it. I...
  4. Mccall07

    problem getting full version of mojave

    Hey everybody! I am at school and downloaded Mojave from the app store. Then UniBeast from tonymacx86. When I ran UniBeast, and pressed continue four times, a box showed up saying the full version of Mojave was not downloaded from the App Store Is this normal? Is it because it is a school...
  5. Masatowang

    Why only the Apple logo appears,then it can be restarted indefinitely.

    Why only the Apple logo appears, there is no precision bar, and then it can be restarted indefinitely and cannot be installed. Before I can see the startup item, I also saw apfsstart:1456:mounting with apfs_efi_osx-748.77.8 Efi_container_create:1079:-efi_container_create,status = 8000000000000007
  6. loosedrag

    Sierra build now fails to install High Sierra

    Build: Asus Prime B250-plus i5 6600K @ 3.5ghz MSI GeForce GTX970 16 gb Ram 2TB Micron SSD This was a working build for Sierra for several months, but when I swapped my 250gb SSD for a Micro 2TB SSD I figured it was time to upgrade to High Sierra. Now after finally downloading (what I believe...
  7. korireed

    X99 High Sierra 10.13.5 Installation Failures - Need Help

    Hello! I am very new to this community, so I want to apologize in advance for any blatant missteps I'm making. I was originally following the 10.13 Installation Guide using UniBeast 8.3.1 and MultiBeast 10.3.0. I was able to install successfully on my platform and boot after several struggles...
  8. chenchenghang


    Install Black Apple, enter the recovery system, kextd stall[0], (240s), :'AppleACPICPU' three times into the progress bar, stuck
  9. miraflorced

    Lenovo M73 Thin Client High Sierra Stuck at Apple Loading Logo

    I have a Lenovo M73 with >i5 4th Gen >16GB ram >Integrated Graphics I have installed high sierra in my flash drive and put an EFI partition on it that get from -https://www.******.com/r/hackintosh/comments/7a1kr3/success_lenovo_thinkcentre_m73_tiny/ after I tried to boot to High Sierra...
  10. filippo0002

    Attempting System Restart... MACH Reboot

    Hello! I'm trying to get my first hackintosh up and running but the installation process has been merciless with me ahaha I created my usb boot drive with unibeast, edited it with clover configurator gettin rid of all the fixes and changhed the SMBIOS to imac18,3. The bios setting I used are...
  11. joe1703

    High Sierra will get to install stage then just reboot PC and back to clover.

    I have created a High Sierra bootable USB from Unibeast. When I boot from the USB, initially everything is fine; the clover GUI appears and I select High Sierra install from external drive. After the Apple logo boot screen I choose to install High Sierra. I select the hard-drive (900GB) and...
  12. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] System restarts post initial installation

    Greetings! The High Sierra installer did its initial portion and attempted to restart the computer. First, I get a Clover screen with blank disks labeled with “internal hfs”. I have the apfs.efi file in the proper folder. Second, more importantly, the system restarts at the point captured...
  13. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] Error when attempting to update to High Sierra

    Greetings! I am encountering a perpetual reboot before I can even begin to install High Sierra. I updated Lily, Shiki, IntelGraphicsFixUp, and NvidiaGraphicsFixup. I also copied over apfs.efi as per guide. Additionally, I am running the latest version of Clover -r4243. I cannot access any...
  14. Morwic

    Dell 690 Install

    Hello I have a dell 690 with x2, 2.9 ghz Xeon CPU's and I"m having a issue with the install :( I have got Sierra on a usb loaded up from my mac mini no issues or errors, my config is legacy boot, and that's it, so in the dell bios I turned off all the serl ports and ps2 ports so on and I boot to...
  15. yksy72

    Help! Installing Sierra on Laptop

    Image by yksy72 posted Feb 13, 2017 at 9:21 PM It always ends up with system uptime in nanoseconds: (numbers) I don't know what's the problem
  16. aaadipop

    [Solved] Can't reach the install - i7 4930k - GeForce GTX 660 - GA-X79-UP4

    I have successfully build a Yosemite system 2-3 years ago on this system - Intel i7 4930k - GeForce GTX 660 OC - Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 It works perfectly 3 years and now i've try to install Sierra but i can't get to the installer ... I search many threads and posts and i try almost many boot...
  17. Zeev

    [SOLVED] UniBeast Stick isn't recognized

    Hi there, i have the very strange problem, that the usb-stick with the sierra-installation isn't recognized anymore by my motherboard. I had installed Sierra already with the exact same usb-stick and on the same hardware. But usb 3 didn't work so i tried to fix it and in that case sierra...
  18. pepperock94

    Installation issues

    hi all, i'm having issues installing El Capitan on my custom Mac -CPU: intel Skylake i5 6600k -MOBO: GA-Z170M-D3H -GPU: EVGA GTX 960 SSC 4GB -RAM: crucial Ballstix sport 8GB i've tried using the internal graphics instead of the GPU, but always the same issue even with flags -v and nv_disable=1...
  19. PFG

    Customac Pro

    So I wanted a pro hackintosh, using the buyers guide I selected all the recommended components Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 (Latest F20 BIOS) Core i7-6700K etc. Followed the guide to the letter including the BIOS setting. But no joy the installation fails after about 5 mins. Strangely it does see...
  20. lucasnookerreturn

    *Screenshot* DSMOS has arrived - El Capitan

    Hi there, Installed a hackintosh build of mavericks a year back or so and have not booted into the os in a while. decided to update and start using os x again and made an el capitan bootable usb drive. Now since then I have a new computer and have a pretty high end gaming rig. my specs are as...