install error

  1. HamstaOnCrack

    unable to load installation, kernel debugger 'panic' can anyone help

    Can anyone give me some help here. been trying to install Yosemite for days now with no luck.I have tried multiple combinations of different boot codes eg: -X -v graphicsenabler=no npci=0x2000 maxmem=4096 I follow the guide exactly and when i try and load it comes up with the apple logo and the...
  2. mrjohnwatts

    Help a newbie with Mavericks install

    I've just built my first ever computer this afternoon and feel quite proud of myself, however I can't get Mavericks to install. I am following the guide using unibeast and get to the stage where I get a grey screen and an apple logo comes up, but then I get a kernel panic message and I've got no...
  3. OdunlamiAbbey

    Install Issue-Help!!

    I used the unibeast to install a version of mountain lion as directed. After it restarts on my Hackintosh, I choose the newly GUID ssd drive titled Mountain Lion =, also as directed. But then it would just show the apple symbol and nothing happens after. I've waited as long as 15 to 20 minutes...
  4. bigkahuna360

    Unibeast Lion 10.7.5 USB "Still Waiting For Root Device" Error

    I have been trying to install Lion for a week now and after getting all te other errors sorted out I'm now down to my last few before I can get to the installer. I have tried all sorts of combinations of boot flags and read several installation guides about installing. This isn't my first...
  5. TJD

    [SOLVED] Can't install on GA-Z77X-UP5 TH with HD4000

    Update: This initial problem has been solved by recreating the UniBeast flash drive, but I've encountered other errors (see 3rd post). Thread title has been updated accordingly. --------------------------- Problem: Can't get to ML install using UniBeast 1.5.3 ---------------------------...