install error

  1. tarbax

    Instalation problems z270 ultra gaming,7700k,GTX1070

    I followed this guide so far: installed it sucsesfully without nvidia gpu My hardware Z270 ultra gaming 7700k Gtx 1070 What i did difrent than the guide is no
  2. 219adavis

    Will it run?

    Operating System None CPU Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.20GHz 42 °C Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology RAM G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900) Desktop Memory @ 933MHz (9-10-9-28) Motherboard ASRock Z75 Pro3 (CPUSocket) 37 °C Graphics G246HL (1920x1080@1Hz) Intel HD Graphics (ASRock) GTX...
  3. Eraldoe

    Fail to boot installer - architecture couldn't be recognized

    Hi all, I'm attempting to install my first Hackintosh on my z370+7700k+1080Ti PC. Following the stickied Installation Guide from the front page, I'm continually finding myself at an error of "architecture couldn't be recognized" Reasons I think I might be failing: BIOS configuration: I have...
  4. tonyOB

    [Solved] Help with USB3 vs. 2 on install of Sierra...

    Hi, Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z270M-D3H After trying all of the clover command line options I've read here in the forum regarding a means to get passed the "Still Waiting For Root Device" (with no success) I think I have concluded that in my case the issue is the USB interface. The USB thumb drive I...
  5. WileE39

    Installers keeps returning to Bios screen

    hey, Long story short my Hac did an auto update to High Sierra and to my horror will not boot. It goes into verbose mode and shortly after starting it brings me back to the BIOS screen I purchased a second M.2 drive to clean install High Sierra onto and am having a similar issue. When I...
  6. tecemac

    Unibeast 7.1.1 Does not create a EFI bootable USB Installation disk

    I somehow - yet again - messed up an posted this on the High Sierra thread when maybe it should be on the Sierra thread. In reply to an earlier post: The Disk Utility app of High Sierra does not offer the user the ability to erase and create a GUID Bootable partition - at least as far as I can...
  7. Dissi

    High Sierra kills itself at installation

    Hello, I did everything as described in this Thread: Furthermore I downloaded the Clover Configurator and managed with that and the VoodooPS2Controller Kexts to get to the installation...
  8. Pescado

    Missing hard drive on USB installer and corrupted ouput booting fresh installation

    Hi guys, I trying to install High Sierra on my PC by two ways: 1) From fresh Sierra installed OS by High Sierra installer app, 2) from USB installer. But I'm having troubles. SPECS: OS: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Mobo: ASUS P8P67 EVO rev3 CPU: i7 2600K GPU: GTX 560Ti (Nvidia web drivers) SSD...
  9. Cars10theweiz

    Post install restart

    Alright forwarning I'm, not a code monkey or a super well skilled in all this, that being said. So Im in the process of building my first hackintosh, everything is going well so far up until the problem im facing now. I can get the install to complete after rebooting and rerunning the install...
  10. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] System restarts post initial installation

    Greetings! The High Sierra installer did its initial portion and attempted to restart the computer. First, I get a Clover screen with blank disks labeled with “internal hfs”. I have the apfs.efi file in the proper folder. Second, more importantly, the system restarts at the point captured...
  11. bodich

    Getting crossed circle installing update on 10.13

    Hi. I am using Hackintosh since from Mavericks. Always updating to newest Mac OS. Now I've updated to 10.13 High Sierra, solved some regular problems like APFS driver on Clover and changing Mac model to 18,1 in SMBIOS and installed successfully. Now I am trying to install "Additional update...
  12. JayVaghasiya

    Installation Stuck at apple logo with multi color ball in one corner.

    I have tried inject intel alone in graphics with option igfakeid: 0x04128086 and igplatformid: 0x0a260006. I also disabled graphics card using GraphicsEnabler=No. installation was stuck at apple logo for around 2 hours. I tried it using verbose and safe mode. here is snapshot of error...
  13. SOS25461

    Plus Sign Error

    Hello Guys, I am new to Hackintosh, I used the simple Unibeast guide to make my USB drive for flashing MacOS, my laptop specs are: Processor: i5 6200u (Skylake) Graphics: Intel hd 520, but I have switchable graphics to Nvidia 930mx, but while installing I disable the inject Nvidia part...
  14. boss87

    Error install El capitan unibeast

    Hello ! I made a bootable usb with unibeast os x el capitan.When I try to boot el capitan,it gives me an error and restart.What I need to do to make it work ? My computer specs : MSI H81M-E33 8GB RAM DDR3 Intel Pentium G3220. gainward Nvidia geforce gt 430.
  15. MrWarhawk

    [Installation Help] Cannot get past Using Safe Mode and Pluses

    Hey Guys, This is my 3rd Hackintosh build but I haven't been apart of the scene in a while. Here is build: CPU: Intel - Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair - H110i GT 113.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: Asus - Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)/USB 3.1 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard...
  16. DestructionBoy26

    Installation Sierra

    Hello, I installed my first hackintosh and there was a problem. In the clover I left everything as it was except Inject Nvidia. The BIOS should be set up well according to the instructions. I really do not know... My computer: Asus Z170l ProGaming Intel Core i5-6600K Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB...
  17. Morwic

    Dell 690 Install

    Hello I have a dell 690 with x2, 2.9 ghz Xeon CPU's and I"m having a issue with the install :( I have got Sierra on a usb loaded up from my mac mini no issues or errors, my config is legacy boot, and that's it, so in the dell bios I turned off all the serl ports and ps2 ports so on and I boot to...
  18. musicislife727

    [Solved] Can't Install Sierra

    Hey guys. Followed all the steps to install Sierra, but no luck. I got to the boot menu and selected "install OSX from USB." Got to the apple logo, and now a bar just appeared but has not moved at all. Any help would be appreciated!
  19. nOd3N1AL

    Unibeast USB not bootable after install

    So I managed to get the Unibeast USB installer to boot automatically without having to go into BIOS or change boot device - it came up automatically. I then proceeded to install Sierra on an external HDD and after the install (progress bar) the computer rebooted into Windows. Now I can't boot...
  20. aPensiveBear

    H110 Build - Can't get into Install MacOS screen

    I'm having trouble getting the installer page to show up on my screen, even if I leave the computer on for over 24 hours. If I try to go into Disk Utility, the wheel shows up for like 30 minutes before crashing. Please help! This is my first time making a Hackintosh! Parts list: Intel Core...