install error

  1. mww519

    Stuck on Apple logo

    Here’s is my spec. Gigabyte Z390 gaming X MB I5-9400F 32GB RAM 3200Mhz RX580 WD black m.2 500GB SSD I’m stuck on white apple log when boot the installer, I follow the instructions but it doesn’t work , did I just miss something?
  2. AeroProcter

    [Help]"Panic" upon boot of install USB

    I have followed RehabMan's guide for setting up the usb for the Mojave installer. I am using his config file for the hd515 graphics. I can get into clover but when selecting to boot into macOS, after 15 sec and slight bar progress there is what I am guessing is a panic and the laptop...
  3. leoqu

    Solved > error:install hackintosh black screen,After running the progress bar

    cpu 8400 Gigabyte B360M Aorus pro cucial 16g 970evo. please help me...
  4. kacank87

    Laptop Dell Inspiron 5559 i5 , intel hd520, ssd

    Hello, thanks before , i have problem when installation hacintosh in my laptop, Spec : Dell Inspiron 5559 i5 + intel HD 520 + SSD + RAM 16 GB. so the problem is showing like this. Please help me. im attaching my clover folder in bellow this thread. thanks
  5. ipop

    Mojave on old pc, "Still waiting for root device" issue

    Hello everybody, This is my first experience with hackintosh, for 7 days I have read and tried everything that I found. I have dealt with several issues but I can`t pass this one. I said that I would post a thread here as my last hope of installing hackintosh on my pc. I don`t even know if I...
  6. pmlucky9

    I am trying to install Mojave 10.14.4 on my pc. Please Help me to create boot USB

    Hello I am trying to install Mojave 10.14.4 on my device but can not install I've downloaded App from Apple and I am using latest version of Clover and other things what's needed in installation. but after I make boot USB, I try to install , always failed. I am not sure it's just EFI...
  7. papaSmurf

    Fresh Install Mojave 10.14.3 Hackintosh problems

    Hello, I am doing a first time fresh install of Hackintosh with Mojave 10.14.3. I followed the guide for 10.14 and created the following Clover Folder that I am attaching However I am having trouble installing the OS. Sometimes it fails to partition in APFS format but when it successfully...
  8. Cottoncandy98

    [Problem] Stop sign when booting

    Hi! I followed the guide and installed 10.13.6 on a HDD. I also installed Clover on the disk according RM's config. However when I boot using the newly installed clover, it says this version of mac...
  9. mrxhaos

    Stuck in apple loop when installing

    Hi, I am having issues trying to install sierra in my Hp 15-cx0056wm laptop. I will attach the -v screen error. I have tried so many different settings, boot args, but nothing seems to work. (Inject USB, fix header, common solutions found in other posts.) If someone can give me a hand...
  10. LNSFLR

    Solved > Stuck on macOS-Utilities / Grayed out Install Button [High Sierra][Asus H170I-PLUS D3][i7 6700K][nVidia GTX1080]

    Hello, Im new here and its my first install of macOS on an non Apple-Machine. But now im stuck on the macOS-Utilities Screen and the Installation won't start. I tried an other USB-Stick and build the installer about 3-4 times now. At first with Unibeast and then with the instructions of RehabMan...
  11. Flam3rboy

    High Sierra macOS could not be installed on your Computer

    I've successfully made a macOS High Sierra install USB drive. Installed it successfully on 1 TB HDD (connected with SATA). But when I restart on the HDD I get the error: ,,High Sierra macOS could not be installed on your Computer: An error occurred while loading the installer resources. Quit...
  12. RitchN

    Messed up high Sierra update, please help!

    Hi, I’m a complete newbie to hackintosh builds and have seriously messed up updating my first sierra based build. I decided to update to High Sierra, but didn’t follow the intstructions at all! I started the updated from the Sierra os, without updating any of the setting within the efi partition...
  13. L0L

    Can't Get to Install Screen - Asrock Z370 Pro4

    Windows 10 Home 64-bit Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70 Ghz 2x16GB G. Skill Ripjaws DDR4-3200 Mhz ASrock Z370 Pro4 4GB MSI NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 4TB Seagate HDD (For backup and low usage games) 250GB SATA Toshiba SSD (Windows) 500GB M.2 Samsung 970 EVO (For MAC) So I've mostly followed the...
  14. heyyoumen

    z390 i9 9900K Having trouble finishing install

    Hi all, Hope y'all having a great holiday. I've decided to upgrade my system to the MSI Z390 with an i9 9900K and 32 GB (2X 16) 3000Mhz RAM. with my existing GTX 1070. Target drive is a Samsung 960 EVO NVME M.2 SSD. I've previously had a stable rig for about 3 years and never had any major...
  15. DVD

    PC (Computer) does not see storage after installation

    I don't know if this is the right place to post but I'm trying. After I installed High Sierra it worked just fine and now I'm trying to install Mojave to another drive (both internal) but in installation first it stopped at 1 minute remaining and I restarted the computer -> now the PC doesn't...
  16. poles

    [Solved] Mojave installation stuck at 13 mins to remaining screen on ASUS PRIME H370-Plus

    System: Motherboard : ASUS PRIME H370-Plus CPU : Intel i3 8100 RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Power supply : Coolermaster MWE BRONZE 450 Today I tried to install Mojave 10.14.1 on my new system. I used Unibeast 9.0 to make a bootable USB. I also followed recommended BIOS Settings on this...
  17. ConcreteBong

    High Sierra install to 75% then freezes and reboots

    Hey guys, I have been looking at solutions ALL day and nothing has worked. I boot to clover, select install High Sierra and clean my disk using disk utility and so on. but when it install it stops at around 2 min remaining and it freezes and reboots. I have no idea what's going on, I have...
  18. FAN2411

    Mountain Lion Install Dell Inspiron 1525

    Need help. I have successfully created a USB for mountain lion os 10.8.4. But when I boot from the usb using the boot flag -v -x I come and hault at Ethernet Address :00:11:22:33:44 Along with the other error screen. To make it more clear please have a look at the screenshot. My system details...
  19. Tudor999

    Problem when installing Mac OS High Sierra with Clover UEFI

    Hi everybody. I want to install mac ps high sierra on a lenovo ideapad 530s with nvidia mx930. The problem is it stucks at the boot. The line is this 'Service only ran for 0 seconds/1 seconds. Pushing respown out by 10 seconds/9 seconds'. Please help me!
  20. TigerEye

    Install drive not mounting

    I recently built a system, but when I attempted to mount the installation drive, formatted as directed here, it would not mount, with the error "no disk found". I'm running a Gigabyte Z370 AORUS 5 motherboard with i7-8700K CPU, 16GB DDR4 G-skill TridentZ RAM, and Inland 512GB NVME SSD. I know...