1. Axiz

    Black screen during installation

    Hello everyone! I have a computer with a Jingsha x79 m-s motherboard. I can't start the installation, because I get a black screen (the monitor does not receive a signal, as I understand). I used loading in FakeSMC, Lilu, AMD 7000 kexts, as well as the keys npci=0x2000, PCIRootUID=1...
  2. pixjoe

    10.13 installer process failed

    I followed the guide to install 10.13 but failed, re attached pix. I tried both legacy and EFI. Any ways to get it right? Thanks!
  3. tmosx86dga

    catalina installer hangs on boot

    Hi, So I have downloaded catalina and created a usb boot disk using unibeast. Trying to install on an Acer swift sf514-51 i7 with intel graphics - not many bios settings to tweak. Created an hfs+ partition to install to using linux gparted I can successfully boot into clover and choose the...
  4. ckrueger99

    Running Catalina installer onto a disk with a pre-built EFI folder.

    Is it possible to run the Catalina installer (from a USB drive or whatever) to install OS X onto a drive with a pre-built, fully formatted EFI folder? In other words, does the installer do anything to the EFI volume as it does its thing or is it simply adding OS X and related files into the...
  5. ipop

    << Solved >> [Sloved] Catalina install, Asus z390-P, I5-9600k, RX580

    Hello guys, I had a previous attempt to install Mojave on an old pc but it was without any success because of the configuration. Last week I made an effort and managed to buy a PC, all components from the "Buyer's Guide section" with hope that everything will go smooth this time. Unfortunately...
  6. Charlie-Jiang

    << Solved >> Encountered USB-Identifier(non-unique) & still waiting for root device

    Recently I am trying to build a 10.15 hackintosh on HUAWEI matebook x with a MacOS 10.15.2 USB3.0 as the install drive, but I cannot pass the error of USB-Identifier(non-unique) and after a few seconds it becomes still waiting for root device. I have tried several boot arguments (-f...
  7. mikhil1990

    Building a new Hackintosh for the 1st time.

    Hi All, I am planning to build a new hackintosh for the 1st. I plan to install mojave. Here is the list of hardware that i am planning to use Intel Core i5 9600K 9th Gen 6 Cores up to 4.6 GHz Turbo Unlocked LGA1151 95W 9 m Cache DDR4 Desktop Processor GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi (Intel...
  8. meeloshmedia

    iMac 27" 2011 with eGPU over mini PCIe port (EXP GDC)

    Hello to all, I am new to this site and forum so I would like to say sorry if some rules are broken by my side. I wanted to create this thread since there isn't one anywhere that I found. Let's start from the beginning: I am YouTuber in making and wanted to create a channel around how-to and...
  9. MacFreak

    Mojave Installer crash and Rebbot in half way

    Hello.The time has come to assemble the hakeintosh.I bought all the necessary parts from the guide I set everything i can in BIOS right. I followed the installation instructions for mojave, and each time the installer reaches half, the computer restart. My PC while installation : Aorus Ultra...
  10. z553993920

    What's the best sequence of installing both windows 10 and Mojave?

    or does it metter?
  11. Himicane

    [Fixed]Cannot Get To Installer (Didn't enable XHCI Handoff)

    Hey Guys, Thank you an advance for reading this. I have been running High Sierra flawlessly for about a year now on my first hackintosh build. (I have since upgraded the GPU to a liquid cooled gigabyte 1080ti, no other hardware changes)...
  12. darknoon

    ASUS Z170-A High Sierra can't boot to installer

    ASUS Z170-A High Sierra can't boot to installer Bad Screen by darknoon posted Oct 28, 2018 at 6:45 PMBad Screen by darknoon posted Oct 28, 2018 at 6:45 PM Hi, this is my first Hackintosh project and I have hit on a problem I can't resolve. Where booting gets stuck on the white logo and...
  13. almcback

    (Sucess)El Captain Installation freezes: "Missing Bluetooth Controller Tansport"

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to install El Captain on a Desktop I7 3930, Sabertooth X79 and Gigabyte GTX 670. I have a fairly stable Mavericks operating system, but I need to upgrade. I made the bootable pen drive in every possible way, and tried all the boot flags, but always the installation...
  14. elividal

    lenovo y700 ideapad cannot reach installer

    Hi I have a lenovo y700 idea pad i created a high sierra usb disk when i try to boot- i get stuck with a stop sign I am very new to this and cannot figure out which tags to use I tried -v and -x, graphicsenabler both yes and no, injected graphics, injected usb support- all failed please tell...
  15. LiamBlenx

    Installation Error - Black Screen

    Hi guys, I'm very much a noob at building a hackintosh and I am experiencing issues with getting to the installer. I am able to access the clover menu and choose "Boot Mac OS X from USB" however it hangs with a black screen no reboot. I have tried using "nv_disable=1" and all the different boot...
  16. TheHarshHackintosher

    Sata HDD won't show up in OS X El Capitan Installation

    My Hard Drive doesn't show up in the installer tab, disk utility, or terminal. The only thing that shows up is the USB. System information doesn't see any Serial ATA devices either. I tried different Hard Drives and different SATA Ports, the HDD also shows up in bios and my PC detects it. My...
  17. pratik1313

    El capitan installation error in Dell inspiron 3537

    Hello, I have tried many times to install el Caption in my dell inspiron 3537. first I have removed mavericks OSx in my pc and now i am installing new os but i am getting below error. when i select drive and click to install i am getting this error. "This copy of the install osx EL Captian...
  18. Ed-Gaar

    Laptop reboots after clover screen, before El Capitan installation starts

    I want to install El Capitan on my Acer aspire v5-131 with intel celeron 1007u and 2GB of RAM, using the unibeast usb that I created (with legacy boot option that matches my bios). But the laptop reboots before the installation even starts. After using verbose, I noticed that that the loading of...
  19. superarni

    Help: Mavericks on GA z87m d3h

    My system: GA z87m d3h Intel 4670k I created a boot stick via unibeast. I only get to IOBluetooth.... complete, just before graphics initialization. I already deleted bluetooth Kexts and so on. Bios settings are default, except AHCI mode. does anyone know what to do next?