1. ahmadaltarifi98

    any help to install mojave on dell laptop ?

    hello , I have laptop dell inspiron 3534 core i5-5200U 2.20 ghz NVIDIA GeForce 820M Can I Install Mojave on my laptop ? if yes , how I can do that ? give me guide or tips Thanx all <3
  2. tarbax

    Instalation problems z270 ultra gaming,7700k,GTX1070

    I followed this guide so far: installed it sucsesfully without nvidia gpu My hardware Z270 ultra gaming 7700k Gtx 1070 What i did difrent than the guide is no
  3. JustDami

    Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x7)

    So I've recently decided to install OS X El Capitan onto my HP Pavilion 15. However after an easy creation of the bootable USB the second I go to start installing I am met with this error "Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x7)"(Picture of screen linked below) My computer specs are as follows : 8GB...
  4. bhowmisu

    Samsung R580 laptop shuts down during El Capitan installation

    Specs: Samsung R580 Laptop Intel Core i5 430M / 2.26 GHz RAM 6GB Using Clover (Legacy) Followed steps in the installation guide. I am able to boot from USB and start installation. About 15 mins into the installation the laptop shuts down. I do not see anything in the install logs (accessed...
  5. simarikboy89

    Lenovo flex 2-15

    Hi, I have maked a bootable usb. but when i boot mac to instal it you see the logo and than it restart. I have boot it in verbose mode and it restart again this is the picture i have make in verbose mode. I think i need to add or change the kernel but howe do i change the kernel and can i do...