1. MrAlexander

    Fool of a took. Cant boot. Accidentally removed clover boot options.

    I am the fool, in case it wasn't obvious. Anyway, I cant boot my once working hackintosh as, in my attempt to fix another issue, i have gone into "Clover Boot Options" and hit "Remove all Clover boot options". Due to my original problem i am unable to get past the apple loading screen and am...
  2. JaiKai7

    Mavericks will only boot in safe mode

    Hey guys I just finished installing Mavericks onto my system but I have been slaving away trying different edits to the chameleon plist to try and get it to boot without safe mode to no avail. It just hangs at the apple logo with the loading circle forever if I don't use the safemode bootflag...
  3. Wzix

    Can't pass the login screen. Endless loading

    I successfully installed 10.10 via Clover, rebooted, created an account, entered the password, waited for a minute.. waited.. waited for two hours, and :beachball: was just constantly spinning. So, I haven't even managed to pass Apple logo screen. Please help me, I'm just one step away from...
  4. KnowbodyDO

    Infinite Loop before Chimera starts - Acer Aspire E 11 (E3-112-C43A)

    Hi! :) First of all, here are my system specs: System: Acer Aspire E 11 (E3-112-C43A) CPU: Intel Celeron N2940 (4 cores) BIOS: Insyde V1.08 Chipset: Intel Bay Trail RAM: 4GB DDR3 HDD: 500GB (TOSHIBA MQ01ABF050) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) BIOS mode is set to Legacy (instead of...