infinite loop

  1. vergvija

    Cannot Boot After Trying to Enable Graphics Acceleration

    Hello everyone :) The Problem What happens when I boot normally, is that the apple logo shows up, the loading bar gets up to about halfway then hangs infinitely. If I boot into verbose, I can see that it repeats this over and over: Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry #...
  2. SeBaez

    [Solved] Loading bar almost done, then reboots

    Hello everyone! This week I built my first Hackintosh and could successfully install High Sierra. However, after running Multibeast and restarting the computer, the Mac loading screen only loaded up to 98% or so, and after one or two minutes, rebooted. This became an infinite loop I couldn’t...
  3. raffilosophy

    kextd stall, (240s): 'GFX0' infinite loop

    My system won't boot. I've attached a screenshot and my config.plist. When I'm not in verbose mode, it freezes once the progress bar is full, then doesn't display anything. When I am in verbose mode, and I let it do kextd stall (240s): 'GFX0' about four times, then it loops around and does...
  4. bigsicret

    [Solved] Security Update 2017-003 El Capitan

    I did it and i am stuck in a clover infinite loop. Do you have some solution ?
  5. youshupp

    Sierra boot slow after patch dsdt

    I recently downloaded and patched a dsdt file while matches my machine. Everything worked almost perfect after reboot. However, the boot time was about 10 times slower than the old patch boot time. I used verbose at boot to check what was going on and I found there were ACPI Error, and it just...
  6. Pineapple68

    Endless boot menu - El capitain - h170n-wifi (ISSUE)

    I am absolutely stuck with an endless boot screen. It's an entire day lost at this point. Yesterday I've successifull installated El capitain (10.11.6) on a ga-h170n-wifi / i-3 6100, following (the detailed guide ). But - respect to the guide - I experimented many secondary issue, from...
  7. GolVleZ

    Need Help, Stuck!

    Hi everyone, I'm a student building a hackintosh for the first time to save money for school and I need some help. I followed the installation guide for OSX El Capitan and OSX installed perfectly on my computer, but for some reason I can not use my graphics card after installation after...
  8. Retromak

    GA z77 DS3H Issue

    Hi all, I recently got my brand-new Hackintosh build, and I have some problems :S Specs: Motherboard: GA z77 DS3H (BIOS Version F9) Processor: Inel Core i5 3750K Overclocked GFX: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 650 Ti (2GB VRAM) Storage 1TB WD and 240GB Kingston SSD RAM: 16 GB Kingston DDR3 BLU (2 slots...