1. TarunDham

    Graphic Card help

    Hi, Guys my graphic card has just stopped working and i am looking for one, my budget is around 10-20k(INR), will probably buy online or maybe go to janakpuri district center or even nehru place, new delhi, India . It will be used mainly for video editing or recording/streaming and maybe some...
  2. anantanandgupta

    I am looking for the someone who can help me build a custom mac in India.

    Hi All, I am from Bangalore and need someone who can help me build a custom mac here in Bangalore (India). I am looking for someone experienced who knows what goes with what as I am interested in building a productivity machine which I can use as my daily driver. What I need: Dual 4K display...
  3. shashwat767

    HELP me with my first hackintosh build!!

    Hello, I am planning on building a hackintosh (Mountain Lion) with the following parts. I want to have dual 1080p monitors (will the card i have selected below be able to do so!?) and also want to dual boot it with windows 7 for Microsoft FSX on the highest possible settings. And for the "mac"...
  4. newtoimac

    Hackintosh vs iMac in India

    I have saved enough money to buy myself a new mac desktop. My usage will primarily be home entertainment (movies, music, light gaming, browsing etc.). Computer components are considerably more expensive in India making the value proposition for a hackintosh harder to estimate. Option 1: The...