1. zabidiali

    Cannot login iMessage

    hai ... is there anyone who can help me.!!!! I tried many ways, when I use the 10.8.1 is working after I change ker 10.8.2 it is not able to login. FaceTime n AppStore no problem hope anyone can help me (sorry if my english bad)
  2. janeman1811

    [SOLVED] iMessage poll

    Does it work for you? Thread closed, there's a fix build in since chimera 2.0.0
  3. MomsDenice

    iMessage doesn't work

    Hello, I just installed Mountain Lion, and everything it's working correctly except when I try to connect to iMessage. My username and password are correct. Thank you
  4. martindixon18

    10.8.2 Messenger not working (Store,Cloud and ITunes are!)

    Hello, I have just updated to 10.8.2, more or less sorted apart from messanger when i go to log in it comes up with my phone number and email address that is associated with my Apple ID but then comes up with an error 'Could not sign into iMessage ; The Server encountered an error processing...
  5. JoeyT82

    Dell N7010, Ati 5470 1gb, i5, srs premium sound, Mountain Lion

    I have a dell N7010, I had some problems getting everything working in ML just like I did in SL. But I finally got everything working even App Store, iMessage, and iCloud. I'm gonna try to explain how I had to go about getting everything working, took me 3 days to figure everything out with lots...