iMassage, iCould, Facetime Not working !!

    Hello, I have installed OSX El Capitan in my Desktop. Everything is working fine expect the iMassage, iCloud, Facetime. I have tried the Tonymacx86's imassage fix and edited clover config plist, But still not works. I just have fixed "AppStore" by installing ethernet kext. Appstore also not...
  2. Spencer7220

    Everything Works EXCEPT iMessage

    Everything is working except for iMessage. Including the App Store. I can download free apps just fine. (I haven't tried purchasing yet). Whenever I launch iMessage, it shows that my account is 'inactive.' It won't let me log in to iMessage and instead will spit out an error. It seems that most...
  3. DatScreamer

    iMessage Your message could not be sent. Person is not registered with iMessage.

    Hi. I have installed El Capitan on my hackintosh without much issues. Everything seems to work except audio and iMessages. I never had any issues signing in or opening it, just this. I called Apple support (not telling them that I have a hackintosh) because some people on the internet where...
  4. P1LGRIM

    Spares Box HTPC POC Build - GA-B85M-DS3H-A - i3-4330 - GeForce GT640 - 10.11.4

    Spares Box HTPC POC Build - GA-B85M-DS3H-A - i3-4330 GeForce GT640 - 10.11.4 Qx 2000 External by P1LGRIM posted Mar 28, 2016 at 11:18 AM Components Case : Aerocool Qx-2000 Gaming Cube Case - Amazon Motherboard : Gigabyte B85M-DS3H-A - Rev 1.0 - BIOS F2 - Amazon Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  5. Willeexd

    Mac os x version error when trying reinstall after fixed i message!!!!

    (SOLVED I FORMATED THE HOLD COMPUTER)Hi, i had a mac os x el captain system running and i tryed to fix iMessage and i used a guide there it said to add 5 random numbers after mobo in config.plist and now i cant boot in to the system or an installer!!!:beachball::beachball: i used this guide...
  6. ThatOneEddie

    Three issues with my Hackintosh on El Capitan

    Running Clover with OSX 10.11.3. Motherboard is a Gigabyte: GA-Z87M-D3H CPU: 2.99 Ghz Intel Core i5-4430 Graphics is Intel HD Graphics 4600 1536 MB While these are not major issues they are really bothersome. Audio works fine only after I reboot the system. However when the computer goes to...
  7. azfotoman

    iMessage is funky with Family Account

    Has anyone else had an issue where their iMessage doesn't send or receive messages to anyone BUT someone on a "family account". My wife's iMessage account works flawlessly with my new El Capitan build and iMessage and when I send iMessages to people from my phone or iPad, those strings appear...
  8. Vottomatic1319

    Can't sign into iMessage

    Hey, so I know there are a ton of threads about this, but I've read each one and none of them will work for me. Basically I have OS X El Capitan 10.11 installed in VMware. I have the Clover Bootloader. When I sign into iMessage the error I get is "You cannot sign into iMessage on the Mac at...
  9. MindlessDrone

    75% success with iMessage after working through fix need a little help to get me 100%

    So I have worked through the guides on fixing iMessage. I am to the point where it will work 100% for periods of time, when the computer first boots up it will not send iMessages, it will show messages, receive them if you send them to me, but it wont let me send iMessages to everyone, some...
  10. BassLineChris

    Mac Messages Stopped Working

    For what it's worth to others: I've had a fully functional system for about 6 months. It came time to move so I took my system down and it didn't get set back up for a couple of weeks. When getting everything up and running, Messages didn't work properly any more. I could log in, but I couldn't...
  11. eltong

    iMessage problem

    Hi guys, after following the tutorial on fixing iMessage, I ended up calling Apple customer care for fixing the issue. I tried to give them the customer code, but the ccare guy told me that he couldn't find anything with that code. He went on to ask me about the S/N which he told me doesn't...
  12. ayandon

    Maverick Hackintosh: iMessage not working

    Dear friend, I have successfully installed Maverick Hackintosh on a old Core2Duo based system with 4GB DDR2 RAM and Radeon HD7750 Graphics card. I also have Broadband Internet connection. Currently, I can login and use iTunes, App Store, iCloud. No problem here. But iMessage is not working...
  13. tperera11

    iMessage works sometimes

    I followed the stickied guide, this one, and iMessage only works sometimes. Being more specific, when it doesn't work what happens is it signs in but when I try to send a message it gives me the "Not Delivered" error (Figure 1) Figure 1 If i try to resend it I get the this error (Figure 2)...
  14. NiteOwl

    iMessage: fresh install

    i did a fresh install of el capitan but haven't signed into iMessage yet to avoid the customer code alert. is there a way to check if it's good to go? or should i just follow these steps? thanks!
  15. ssbsts

    I followed the guide to fix iMessage. After rebooting, I get a consistent Kernel Panic. (IOPlatformE

    I searched everywhere, and cannot find what went wrong. I did find (this) link, and user ajkst1 said it was the FixLan option that was causing the issue, but his computer would boot to the login screen and get a kernel panic on moving the mouse. Mine gets a Kernel Panic at the beginning of the...
  16. woukie

    iMessage Blank

    iMessage Blank - HELP??? Hey Guys, i have complete the config to keep imessage work. Now when i start imessage it keep blank.
  17. shakakoa

    MAC APP STORE ERROR - MLB and ROM keep resetting after restart.

    I have been trying to get my MAS to work the last 10 days and have tried all of the steps listed in this guide: But i keep inserting my MLB, ROM and S/N as per the guide in Clover Configurator and then save if back to the...
  18. JoaquinSanchiz

    iMessage not working at all -> El Capitan 10.11.1

    [SOLVED]iMessage not working at all -> El Capitan 10.11.1 I am able to complete the login, and iMessage looks like working, but when I try to send a message, I get a "Message not sent (!) " chat error. When I click the exclamation, I get the following error: Message not sent. <>...
  19. mx9k

    iMessage not working completely in El Capitan

    Hi all I have a new build z97x-ud5h and iMessage is not running as it should. I am set to iMac 14,2, and set my custom ROM and MLB values, and can login to iMessage. However, I can't actually send messages. When I try, it shows that it will only send to a registered email address and not a...
  20. JoaquinSanchiz

    [SOLVED]Not detecting iMessage users on El Capitan

    I am able to connect to iMessage and FaceTime, and I also see my Mackintosh on my iPhone Messages settings (on Text Message Forwarding) and it is ON, but when I try to send a message to an iMessage user, it recognizes it as an SMS user and I can not send it.:crazy: ---------------- I just...