1. jktaurus8

    [UPDATED for Multibeast 9.2.1 and Sierra 10.12.6] Sierra On 200 Series With KabyLake Processor

    IT IS FULLY SUPPORTED ON H270N-WiFI -- i5 7600 -- SIMPLE GUIDE -- HTPC This is my third Hackintosh build after a long period I decided to create this article because some people are still struggling with their Installation. This guide only works with the newest Intel KabyLake Processors. I try...
  2. Smexhy

    iMessage macOS Sierra 10.12.4 FIX?

    Hi, I know that there is the topic pinned in this forum, for "iMessage FIX", but as I read the last posts there, people are saying it's not working. So I wanna ask, is there ANYBODY who have functional iMessage app on Hackintosh? Or is there even way on the macOS Sierra to do so? Thank you...
  3. Ajbros2

    Cannot Boot from my El Capitan SSD no more :(

    I was trying to fix my icloud, facetime and imessage on my hackintosh by following iDiot's Guide to imessage. I created a new config.plist file and instead of choosing mac pro (what i originally put to define the system) i chose imac 4790k to see if that would solve the problem I tried and...
  4. johnbgood

    imessage and sms

    Hello I follow this technique but I can not get the sms and imessage at the same time I have had imessage that works but more with the sms that is either one or the other. Does anyone else care?
  5. NSnl

    [Help] IMessage Sierra

    I've tried all guides. I am really frustrated at this point this is why i have decided to post a thread with hope of finding a solution. Whenever i try to sign in imessage i get signed in for a couple of seconds and then signed out. After i try to sign in again i get a error with support code...
  6. trio21

    [SOLVED] need a little help with iMessage

    Fresh install macOS Sierra 10.12.2 (16C68) with Clover r3974 I'm able to sign in to iCloud, but can't sign in iMessage/Facetime Thank you in advance!
  7. piupiu

    Apple forces to change password after every macOS update

    Hello experts! I have a very weird situation that maybe someone can shed some light on. I have a macOS Sierra build with Clover. Each time I install any update to the OS, Apple locks my iCloud and iMessage Apple user ID and I have to reset the password. When I don't do any updates, all works...
  8. Commander-TWP

    Can't login iMessages/Facetime using NullEthernet on El Capitan 10.11.6

    Hello, I've installed El Capitan 10.11.6 on my Asus Zenbook using Clover bootloader, my laptop doesn't have built-in ethernet, so i'm using NullEthernet.kext and DSDT patched on my hackintosh, i changed my wifi adapter with TL-WN725N (dongle) because my wifi adapter (built-in) doesn't support...
  9. cstre

    Apple Broadcom Bcm94360cd - Handoff not working

    Hi Community, i am in need of help. Yesterday i installed my BT/Wifi Card from osxwifi without any problems. BT and WIFI works like charm but i can't get those Continuity & Handoff features working. Which is strange because it's supposed to be working natively. So here is some short info about...
  10. EverythingIsRed

    [SOLVED] Can't send iMessages

    I followed the guide here: iMessage and FaceTime activated successfully. But I can't send any messages. It always says "<person> is not registered with iMessage". FaceTime doesn't work either. It only says "Call using iPhone" which...
  11. EverythingIsRed

    [Help] Activating iMessage

    This is the guide I followed: Here's what I did: verified my apple id and network BSD names deleted iMessage config files disconnected iCloud and network. generated serial number, SMBIOS, SmUUID, ROM and MLB ( identified the...
  12. F-bone

    Sierra - iMessage half-working...

    having setup sierra on my hackintosh (i5, nvidia 650gtx, ga-h61m-d2-b3) everything works except intermediate operation of imessage (and sleep has issues but I do not mind - I disabled it). sometimes contacts are blue and I can send/receive.. other times they are green and I can see what I send...
  13. alonstarikov4

    Can't enable iMessage on macOS Sierra

    Found a solution, thanks anyway!
  14. SloppyClamPizza

    Can't Boot After Changed System Definition

    Hi all, So after recently doing an update to Sierra I decided I wanted to try to get iMessage working (a feature I never really bothered with). I looked through the guides and followed the process of updating my system definition correctly for this to work (selected the correct build, made sure...
  15. originalmagneto

    Building a H4ckint0sh after I sold my 2010 iMac - seeking help and advice

    01.11.2016 - UPDATED parts Hi, I lived 6 years with my great beloved iMac 2010. I sold it and plan to jump on the h4ckint0sh bandwagon. However, I see that the switch won't be completely without hassle. These are the parts I'm currently considering: 1. Motherboard GIGABYTE H170-WIFI 2...
  16. sheikhhridoy

    iMessage and FaceTime fix for macOS Sierra?

    Okay I'm using macOS Sierra. I have done everything (changed smbios, rt varibles) in the config file with clover configurator according to tonymac86 imessage fix with clover instructions. Now iCloud works fine after changing them. But imessage and FaceTime still shows error signing in with a...
  17. asdfqaz

    Extracting MLB from Snow Leopard

    Hello Everyone, I have a MacBook 1, 1 a which can only run Snow Leopard. I wanted to extract the MLB value from it so I can activate iMessage on my hackintosh permanently. DarwinDumper only shows '1' for Board Serial Number. I do not want to call up Apple to register by MLB value Any help would...
  18. maikie1

    Two serial numbers in Apple ID with same Mac Pro

    Hi there I have a question about the strange fact that i have two different serial numbers in my Apple ID. I was fooling around with the fix imessage post and after changing the serial in Smbios/clover this happened. There is one Mac with the current serial used in Clover but there is another...
  19. Silent99

    Duplicate iCloud instances of laptop with old and new serial numbers

    I have been having a hard time getting iMessage to work on my U430 and have been trying to change certain system variables to attempt to resolve this. In the process, my laptop has been registered on iCloud with two different serial numbers. Part of this process and the reason I created a new...
  20. asdfqaz

    iMessage not working!!

    I have tried every single guide out there (I think so), but absolutely nothing works. It always asks me to call Apple Customer Support with a code. Does anyone have an idea on why this is not working? My SMBIOS is MacPro 6, 1 with SmUUID filled, Serial Number filled, Board Serial Number...