1. Filouman

    iMessage broken after Catalina update

    iMessage was working fine until I updated to 10.15 yesterday, now getting the "An error occurred during activation. Try again." message when trying to sign in. Seem to remember having the same problem after Mojave upgrade, but was able to quickly get it working again. This time around, I have...
  2. Stivenko

    Fix iMessage!

    Hi There, I just installed macOS High Sierra On My PC! Everything Works Except iMessage & FaceTime. (Even iCloud & App Store Are Working) I Have A Realtek RTL 8168 & A Wireless Adapter (TP-LINK WN822N). I have no cable connected to the ethernet and I'm using the wireless adapter. can someone...
  3. uniqe15

    Solved > iMessage works only with iCloud accounts

    Hi everyone, has anyone ever encountered a problem with iMessage and normal SMS messages? I have a MacBook Pro and I can easily send & receive iCloud & sms messages but on my Hackintosh with this wifi + bluetooth card (ABWB BCM94360CD) I can't receive any sms nor send any. I only see the green...
  4. AlexF98

    How safe is it to link your Apple ID to a Hackintosh?

    I have a lot of Apple products. That being both hardware, but perhaps more prominently, software. In particular, software purchased through the iOS and Mac App Stores, some of which cost a small fortune to buy. I'm currently looking at building a Hackintosh for the first time. Following the...
  5. webximize

    Imessage and Facetime Un-Fixable :(

    Hi people. I have a dell xps8700 with upgraded amd 580 video card and mac oem wifi/bluetooth card. everything seems to work perfectly on Mojave. However, I can't get imessage or facetime to work (im able to use the app store and itunes fine) Tried millions of time !! can you please suggest a...
  6. timotif

    GA-Z170N-WIFI Ethernet not recognized in Sierra 10.12.6

    After a couple of sleepless nights I feel it's time to ask for help. I just updated my hackintosh to the setup you see in my profile adding the SSD, doubling the RAM and upgrading CPU from i3 6300. I had to update the BIOS to F22f as well to get my new i5 7500 recognized and I updated macOS from...
  7. samax92

    Upgrading Motherboard & CPU - impact on AppleID, iMessage

    Hello everyone, It is my first post since I joined (long ago) tonymac. So please be kind if it is not very clear. Back on the subject: I miraculously (after facing "contact apple support" for quite a while) got my iMessage working. Now.. I was thinking of upgrading my build from Haswell to...
  8. Andrea2457

    [Solved] iMessage customer code with my id

    Hi, it is a week that I have some problems with iMessage. I tried everything and it seems to be working with other Apple ID but non with the mine. When I try to log in with my id I receive the customer code message, and I have to call the support. What can I do ? Thank you for your patience.
  9. brianwong11031

    Help! How to fix iMessage, FaceTime or iCloud under 10.13.6 or 10.14?

    My hardware information has already written in personal details. Please help me to solve this issue. I tried the method in the tutorial of this site and the methods on the internet. But not working for me.
  10. brianwong11031


    I can not use iMessage and FaceTime with my hackintosh laptop. I have tried this way Fix iMessage but still cannot fix it up. Please help me with this, thanks.
  11. MJMF5

    Does the CustoMac mATX build include everything needed for iMessage to work?

    Hi I'm a newb building my first Hackintosh. I'm interested in building the CustoMac mATX build (sorry, ignore the build I wrote in the thread title). I've read that getting iMessage to work can be a pain. Is the TP-Link Archer T9E 802.11AC AC1900 that's shown as part of the build everything I...
  12. funkthew0rld

    [SOLVED] iMessage on iMac 18,2 smbios?

    Hello tonymac! I recently had some bad luck with my first build (was sandy bridge) and I had to pull the trigger on some new hardware. For my new build I chose a smbios of 18,2 on clover configurator because it most closely matches my new machine. I have gone through the iMessage for iDiots...
  13. dyevest

    Same UUID for diferent OS on the same computer?

    I hope someone can help me with this question, i have already have a fully functional High Sierra hackintosh build. Im going to buy another hard disk to temporary install Sierra so i can use final cut 7 pro, cause it doesnt work anymore on High Sierra and i have to use it. My question is : can...
  14. gymstaxx

    Can't get iMessage to work on hackintosh

    Hi, i've tried pretty much everything, including this guide I can't seem to get iMessage to work, i keep getting the activation error, icloud is working fine and so is the app store, do you guys have any ideas on what else...
  15. Connie Mac

    Serial number from retired hackintosh for iMessage?

    I have an older hackintosh that I've used iMessage with that I'm retiring to a Linux box. To avoid finding a new serial number in Clover Configurator and testing it, can I simply take the serial number associated with the retiring computer and use it for my new hackintosh to get iMessage working...
  16. N8261D

    Need Help With iMessage, FaceTime, & iCloud on Dell Optiplex 7010

    Hello All. I have followed nearly every guide I can find on iMessage, and they haven't worked at all. I even asked people with the exact same Hackintosh as me what they did. I tried doing what they did, and still, it didn't work. I always get the error that "An error occurred during activation...
  17. pipolamenace

    iMessage crashes on certain conversations only

    Hi guys, I've been using my hackintosh for around 2 months now. Everything is working flawlessly! Except iMessage. But then again, it was working just fine until few days. It crashes on open but only if specific conversations are selected. For example, I can be texting someone, and for some...
  18. johnbgood

    iCloud and iMessage Are Not Working

    Hello I'm coming back from vacation and my hackintosh can't get to icloud anymore and I can't get my password I have a message saying "' this action could not be completed. try again " Mon mac book pro no worries nor my iphone alone my hackintosh is not logged anymore
  19. RAFFAY

    macOS 10.13.2 No iMessage

    Hi guys, I have followed idiot's guide to iMessage from start to end with no result. When I enter my Apple ID in iMessage it is accepted but while sending SMS, it says Apple ID not signed it and opens accounts page in system preferences. Under accounts when I enter my credentials, it says Än...
  20. johncoltrane

    CustoMac mATX expectations: iMessage, HDCP/DRM, sleep/wake

    I'm getting ready to build my first hackintosh (well, for the first time in 9 years), and I am looking at the mATX CustoMac. Gigabyte GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5 NVidia GTX 1060 6 GB Intel 7600k etc. Can I expect iMessage, HDCP/DRM content (e.g. iTunes, Netflix), and sleep/wake to work? These are...