1. vratnik

    << Solved >> Backup MacOS drive from Windows

    I have MacOS installed on 250GB nvme1 Windows installed on 250GB nvme2 a 8TB drive hooked to a raspberry in the other room I can backup windows drive using dd over network no problem from MacOS. Set to run regularly from cron. Occasionally I go to windows when want to play GTA so I'd welcome a...
  2. markobog123

    Glitchy Display (OpenCore) (i7-4700MQ, HD4600)

    I am trying to install macOS on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop. I managed to configure OpenCore as much as I knew, utilizing Linux to get DSDT and get ACPI configured. I made the configuration using I configured GPU using WhateverGreen's...
  3. fat227stuff

    Custom Windows 10 Boot Logo

    I made a recent discovery that you can customize the logo that windows shows as it's booting. Some background info - I have a custom image on my bios, so when it boots it shows this: instead of this: If I boot straight to the windows drive, Windows picks up that image and uses it instead...
  4. JazzyLau

    << Solved >> Upgrading from Mojave to Catalina, display issue. (i7-7700(hd630),B250M-HD3)

    Just upgraded from Mojave to Catalina, it seems that there are something wrong with display drive. The Monitor (LG 21:9) is connected with HDMI. The screen can't fulfill and all the images are pink. Anything I can do?:crazy:
  5. duanbaihong

    I7 8700 UHD630 already installed complete,but display ram only have 7m

    I7 8700 UHD630 already installed complete,but display ram only have 7m, I have change id 3e92003,3e91000 ...all try ,but only 7m please help me system is 10.13.6(17G2112) And During the startup process, the following logs are printed. Graphics Driver failed to Load: could not register with...
  6. vanimox

    [SOLVED] Help setting up a Clover Boot-loader custom image

    Hello Everyone I hope you are all doing well, About 2 months ago I set up my first Hackintosh that uses Clover as the boot-loader. It is configured to triple boot Linux Ubuntu, Mac Sierra, and Windows 10. Each of these OS's are installed on its own HDD. I recently have been working from home...
  7. edilsonlsouza

    [Solved] Distorted image Hackintosh Sierra

    People, Today I did it by following the video on my PC, H81M-C motherboard, i7 1150, video GTX 550 TI, everything is working, sounds, web, but the video isn't normal... As you see, the image from the top-left corner is glitched, the wallpaper image distorted... Not only that became in this way...
  8. Antoine78759

    Dual booting El Capitan and Windows, from a disk image

    This title may be confusing but all I would like to know is the following: Is there a way to install Windows from a disk image without wiping El Capitan, knowing that I just have 1 hard drive inside my computer. I previously was running Windows on my pc and decided to try to dual boot El Capitan...
  9. saeidss98

    couldnt attach disk image error yosemite

    after solving a few error , laptop get the following error while installation after 1 min ( create bootable flash with latest version unibeast 5.1.0 ) asus k45v core i5 3210m ram 6 graphic card : gt 630 m 2g
  10. jjforums

    Preview app messing image color after edit

    When I try to manipulate some images in Preview, they get messed up: I tried to reset Preview preferences by deleting the preferences folder but still the same issue. Any idea? Thank you.
  11. photomathon

    HackPro video and image post production.

    Hi, I wrote this in the previous forum, but nobody comment ... so maybe it's not that bad to start fresh a one. I'm building my (first) HackPro for video editing, photography workflow and digital content in...
  12. rafatrance

    corrupted image files in Mavericks (Asus HD5450 0x68f9)

    Hey guys ! I just built my first hackintosh , everything works ok but I have a problem when I open image files ( jpg , bpm, png ... ) is that these are corrupted. For example : My hack is composed of: - MSI H61M -P20 (B3 ) - Intel Celeron G1620 - 4GB DDR3 - ASUS EAH5450 Silent 1GB ( ID =...
  13. crcc23

    Wallpaper resets to default after restart

    Hello, I have my background images in another internal SATA hard drive that is not the boot disk and sometimes the wallpaper or background image doesn't load and it just place the default one. It is like the computer tries to search for the image before the second drive is mounted. The...
  14. Screwballz

    Help needed Probook 4540s Standard disk image

    [solved] Help needed Probook 4540s Standard disk image Hi everyone, Is there someone here at the forums that can provide me with an Image of the HDD from a HP Probook 4540s that includes Windows 7 Pro and the recovery partition? that I can restore from another pc? a ghost image or something...
  15. coljaboy

    Can I change the drive picture when booting UniBeast?

    So currently I run 10.8.4 on an SSD with Unibeast, but every time I boot, I see a default picture of a cartoon lion when I am selecting which drive I want to boot from. Is there any way I can change this?
  16. kingsander

    P8Z77-M Pro Intel HD 4000 problem Distorted Image

    Hey guys i am kinda a beginner in setting everything up, my first set up ever is the following: P8Z77-M pro I5-3570K 16 Gig ram (8 GIG plugged in right now) 22 Inch Screen connected with Dvi The screen really gets distorted when i boot up, when i put Graphicenabler=No the image is normal. But...
  17. kallikrates5

    Dual Boot on an existing Windows7 PC

    Probably an answer someplace. Just created the USB. The target PC is a Lenovo Q180 already running W7 and up to date. Should I make an image backup of that? Should I epartition the drive (750Gb) to allow an installation space for OSX? Or, having made an image from W7, just install from the USB...
  18. antonyoh

    No Image / Sound on First Boot

    Hello peoples New guy here with a question that some of you might be sick of answering... I just finished putting together the computer and everything turns on and seems to be working fine, yet i dont have any picture on the display or beeping sounds when booting, also the fans on the graphics...