imac g5

  1. Cnldle

    IMAC G5 as chassis for Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P /Upgrade Options

    Hi! I'm mainly here for advice as I am a complete novice when it comes to PC building so any help will be greatly appreciated! I have always wanted an old white polycarbonate IMac to play with and recently I have been lucky to acquire an immaculate one! for free! It is the Early 2006 Intel...
  2. cezar.lamann

    Cezar's iMac G5 20 inch project

    Introduction: Hi all. After several months looking through Ersterhernd's, Kiwi's and Dremel junkie's projects, I decided to roll up my sleeves and try my own iMac build. There are several reasons on why I'm trying to do this: I always wanted to have an All-In-One PC, built by me. I like older...
  3. FilipeBal

    Adequate MotherBoard for iMac G5 17

    Hi folks, I'm considering buying an old iMac G5 iSight with a 17' screen and doing a hackintosh mod out of it. For those that have already made hackmods for this model, what motherboard would you recommend considering the small size of the iMac? I was hoping to get similar functionality and...
  4. pippoppeo

    iMac G5 x86-mod uATX Mainboard?

    iMac G5 x86-mod with uATX Mainboard? Hello again :) A long time ago I planned a cube mod, but they are much too expensive - also the new hardware:problem:. In this time I made my first Hackintosh:headbang:, a Lenovo/IBM T61 with 10.6.5 and 10.7 (Lion is very slow on it :S). And now the old...
  5. alexmarton33

    iMac G5 / Polycarbonate Intel Hackintosh (?)

    Hi all, I really like the design of the iMac G5 - 2006. Well, because they are kind of "slow" for today's standards, I have thought of buying a non-working iMac G5, gutting it out, and then putting modern components in it. So I was thinking of the 17" and the 20" (white polycarbonate). I...
  6. MacTester57

    MacTester57's iMac G5 17" (A1058 Model)

    Hi guys I'm happy to officially announce my new project: an A1058 17 Inch G5 iMac, which I've bought for only 16.50 bucks last week. It was announced as defective. The non-working part is the logic board (LED 3 did not light up) The auction is finished: My current vintage Mac collection...