1. spurrin

    How would you diagnose this iLok error? "Failure while performing a bulk read from an iLok"

    I'm posting this in the "Audio" forum because I'm looking for help diagnosing the issue, and I figure the people who might know or might be interested are in this forum. I can't remember exactly when it began, but for months (over a year?) I've been dealing with a series of errors (and...
  2. sethcenterbar

    Installed Mavericks, ran fine for a couple days, now this.

    Hey Guys, I'm stumped here. This doesn't seem to be the general boot0 error everyone is talking about. I had the hackintosh running for a couple of days just fine, but now I can't even boot it. This occurred after installing protools 10 and the drivers for my audio interface (saffire pro 40)...
  3. jakedavis

    NEED HELP! iLok and Pro Tools error

    I have a hackintosh with Gigabyte UP5 mobo, gtx 670 graphics, 16GB RAM, 3.5Ghz i7, and SSD. Everything on it runs great, but it's having trouble recognizing the iLok. Pro Tools 10 freezes immediately on starting up and also when I boot my computer I get this iLok Sharing Error: "An iLok...
  4. jakedavis

    Epic iLok error nobody has been able to fix. PLEASE HELP

    This is me reaching out to the tonymac community in desperate need. I am a first time builder who sought out to built a hackintosh for the purposes of having a mean fighting machine as my studio computer. Specifically, running Pro Tools for recording audio projects and Adobe Premiere for...