1. kvn95

    HD 4600 doesn't work (no QE, VRAM 7mb)

    I've tried to make my HD 4600 mobile work with High Sierra, but so far no dice. LAPTOP DETAILS : Acer Aspire E15 572G-525V, Core i5 4210M, 12 GB RAM, HD4600 + 940M. I've attached my config.plist and kext directory here. I haven't patched my DSDT yet. I've noticed that if I enable "Inject...
  2. chiefbeats

    Prioritizing GPU over IGPU...

    For the purposes of this post, here are my current settings: GPU (Vega 56) and IGPU (Intel HD 630) are enabled in BIOS PCIE (Vega 56) is primary display (connected to monitor) Inject Intel disabled in Clover (prevents use of IGPU in Final Cut Pro X) Lilu and Whatevergreen kexts installed...
  3. carlocarnev

    No Display Wake after Hibernation nor Standby

    So hey everybody, sorry if I create another post on this already solved problem, but I can't seem to find a solution that works. Whenever my desktop's screen goes standby or I put my Hackintosh into Sleep mode, after it wakes up, the screen stays black, without signal (HDMI no signal). This is...
  4. danhelmstedt

    Unable to boot macOS on a 2014 Mac Mini

    I'm at a loss on this one. I've got a standard 2014 2.8ghz i5/HD5100 Mac Mini that just won't boot macOS. No matter what, I'm getting kextd stall IGPU. Things I've tried: -Reset SMC, NVRAM -Safe mode -Apple diagnostics (passed with flying colours) -Following Apple's instructions in creating a...
  5. catn1p

    i5-8500 with UHD630, only 7m of memory detected

    Hi, everyone I have a i5-8500 and installed 10.13.6 version of OS X. But only 7m of memory can be detected. I tried inject platformid, but when I reboot, here is a black screen. I upload my config.plist here. Please help me. Thank you for any favor :) By the way, here are kexts in my...
  6. joeblough

    dual monitor hell - any guidance?

    Hi all, i realize dual monitors on High Sierra can be trouble sometimes. i have it working properly with an ATI RX560, but i get the dreaded GPU lockups once a month or so. if i use an nvidia card, i just can't get both monitors to work. i either have a completely dead 2nd monitor, or the 2nd...
  7. MrEduarlos

    Intel HD 630 issues

    My setup: Intel I7 7700K ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 iGPU Graphics - HD 630 8Gb DDR4 ... High Sierra 10.13.6 I have several glitches on the screen, the shiki kext already installed, but the screen blinks several times
  8. jadevjs

    iGPU & dGPU switching

    Hi, First, huge gratitude to the community for helping me all these years in building and maintaining my hackintosh. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB - dGPU and as it doesn't support High Sierra unless I turn off metal, I thought I could use the Intel HD Graphics 4000 - iGPU for my Mac...
  9. Urgh123

    Intel HD Graphics 5500 not working on Sierra

    Hi, I have an Intel HD Graphics 5500. I already tried the minStolenSize patch but, full QECI wont work. I also already used also ig-platform-id=0x16260006. The video memory is also 5mb only. Please help
  10. easb

    10.13.5 Errors in the files displaypolicyd.IGPU.log and displaypolicyd.log, I have to worry about th

    Regards, I install successfully the update 10.13.5 I was reviewing the macos event console and in the file displaypolicyd.IGPU.log this error is generated every few seconds without stopping. In the file displaypolicyd.IGPU.log PolicyEngine started: 7800020000000000 ERROR: MULTI_HPD_MST is no...
  11. bpawnz

    System crashes if wake from sleep when while display is off.

    Hello all. In the past few months I have dove into learning the art of building a hackintosh and have almost reached the mountaintop so I feel. My current build is using an Asus H81I-Plus, Haswell i5 CPU, and I have am using discrete graphics with Intel HD Graphics 4600 iGPU and AMD Radeon HD...
  12. qash20888

    Fix flickering/glitchy screen on Intel UHD 630 Graphics without config.plist

    So after a week of trying I have been able to install MacOS High Sierra on my new components. The parts list is as follows: MB: MSI Z370A-Pro CPU: Intel Core i3-8350K RAM: 16 GB Ripjaws 2133 MHz SSD: Silicon Power 256 GB GPU: None After the installation, there was no wifi as my card did not...
  13. iSan4eZ

    i3 8100 | B360 Motherboard - No iGPU acceleration

    My hardware: Motherboard: GIGABYTE B360M DS3H CPU: i3 8100 GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 RAM: 2x8 ddr4 Storage: 512GB SSD (I'm using APFS) + 1TB HDD NetworkCard (WiFi+BT): BCM94360CD Problem: I've installed High Sierra 10.13.4 with last updates. Tried adding 0x3E918086 0x3E928086 to...
  14. J

    Failed Updating to 10.13.4 - [IGPU] Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry #

    Guys, I did the update to 10.13.4 from 10.13.3 via AppStore but now my Hackintosh won't boot. The error in Verbose mode is "[IGPU] Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry #" and keeps doing this til it reboots at around retry number 50. If I use -disablegfxfirmware then it...
  15. Radler

    Boot into El Capitan with integrated graphics disabled?

    Hello, I've been running El Capitan on my desktop system for a solid 6 months now using the integrated graphics but recently purchased a Radeon HD 7970. I can boot into the OS and have full GPU acceleration from the 7970, however in order to boot into the OS I have to leave the BIOS setting for...
  16. Ferri

    High Sierra can't load after installation

    Could someone help me with this, I could boot from USB and install Mac is but I can't boot to actual hdd Got i5 7600k Asus h270f Integrated GPU (hd630)
  17. peet91

    using iGPU instead of GPU

    Hello everyone, I've just installed MacOS High Sierra (10.13.3) on my Gigabyte Z270-HD3P using the iGPU, everything works fine. I also have a Gefore 1060, but I don't want to use this GPU with MacOS, I just want the iGPU that works pretty well. I did the installation without the GPU plugged in...
  18. tarbax

    can't get it working right 7700k with GTX1070

    How make my system running with my GTX1070 and with working with intel quicksync for final cut pro??? what I did: step 1. I installed osx 10.13.3 without my gtx1070 and once booted an configured that everything was working like sound, lan and ram etc. step2. then I installed Nvidia driver and...
  19. rogoxyd

    Silent Dual 4K Setup

    What I have: 2 Monitors capable of 4K@60Hz which use (mini)DisplayPort. What I also have: A mac mini which I use mainly for audio productions (no gaming, no video editing, just plain desktop use) and that runs them at 30Hz and seems hopelessly underpowered to do so. What am I thinking about...
  20. Thijs365

    Dual monitors on different graphics cards

    Dear tonymacx86 community, I recently installed macOS 10.13 on my desktop so I could play Fortnite. However, I use two monitors on my main graphics card (GTX 1060) and one on my internal graphics (Intel HD Graphics 520). The issue is, the monitor on the iGPU doesn't get any kind of signal. My...