1080p unsuported graphic card [Sierra]

    Hi ! succesfully installed sierra on my desktop ! But I face some problems, one of them is resolution. I own a gtx 1080, and I know there is no drivers available at this moment. But can I manage to get 1080p ? I'm stuck at 1280x1024. I tried SwitchResX, disabled System Integrity Protection. But...
  2. LeonLeonLeon

    How to get hackintosh working on ASUS L502MA

    Hi guys! I have a problem with installing mac os x to my laptop asus L502ma it has intel celeron n2840 cpu and intel graphics mobile (baytrail) . Every time i try to install it gets stuck on apple logo or in half of installation. Does anybody of u guys know which version(distribution) of mac os...
  3. higorhlg

    Help with graphics(GPU and iGPU)

    Hello, I've been using el capitan for a while, recently it started to randomly log out at any time, that got me upset, after searching the whole internet I found that the problem is probably Window Server crashing, finding nothing that could solve it, I tried to remove my GPU(GT 430) and use...
  4. beethoven77

    AMD Polaris RX Series

    I am on OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 right now. I just bought a Sapphire Nitro+ OC RX470 graphics card and I know my OS doesn't support it. Does the new Sierra beta have the drivers for these new Polaris cards? If not, does anyone know how I can use my Intel HD530 integrated graphics on OS X...
  5. itsmikerofl

    Osxaptiodrvfix Error ONLY If Using Intel HD 530 iGPU

    Greetings! I return once again to the Graphics forum. This time, I'm trying to use OS X 10.11 without my dGPU, (no Pascal QE/QI support yet), and instead, use the Intel HD 530 iGPU. The silly thing is, I've had it working before... Not sure what changed that made this issue. This does not...
  6. jonahcolor

    Can I use my iGPU with a GPU installed?

    Hey guys. Jonahcolor here. Currently I am dual booting Yosemite and Windows 10. I have a GTX 970 and I use the Nvidia web drivers while using Yosemite. I want to upgrade to Nvidia's new "Pascal" generation of cards (either a 1060 or a 1070) but I am aware that there are currently no web drivers...
  7. Sans-Serif

    Small issues with Clover that I'd like help with fixing

    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite S40-B So, I'm currently trying to switch to Clover. I'm having two issues at the moment: ACPIBatteryManager not loading/working properly: In Chameleon, the kext loads properly and battery status works perfectly. But when trying to load in Clover, with the kext in both...
  8. lollypoes

    Disable Intergrated Graphics or use Dedicated gpu instead

    Hi all! Sorry if this is the wrong section, I just dont know where else to put it :banghead: So I have a laptop (specs can be found below) from which I know I can hackintosh it, I don't mind that the wifi doesnt work. So now for me to fully use it I want to run programs like premiere pro, unreal...
  9. solo643

    Clover gpu + hd4000 Yosemite 10.10.5

    Hello everyone, i've searched this forum for a solution to make my iGPU work with my gtx650 but i got very confused.I have a z77-d3sh with i7 3770 and 650 ti boost and works perfect OOB but... I try to enable the igpu so the fcpx use the intel quicksync.My dual display is using the gpu. I've...
  10. Austere.J

    Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Need some help

    Hardware Configurations: i5-5200U with Intel HD Graphics 5500. According to the kernel panic log, I figured out that the panic reason is "assertion failed minStolenSize <= fStolenMemorySize". So basically if we can pass this assertion, kernel panic will not happen and in theory framebuffer...
  11. PrimusFighter

    ITX Haswell - GA-H87N-WIFI - Triple display Setup

    This can be deleted!
  12. qwere

    R9 280 (HD 7950) for hackintosh without IGPU?

    Hello i want to buy a R9 280 because its very cheap and very powerful. The problem ist my Xeon processor doesent have a IGPU so the R9 280 is the only Card i have. Is it possible to make a hackintosh with my Xeon without a IGPU and my R9 280? p.s: The R9 280 is a rebranded HD 7950
  13. qwere

    Would this Work ? R9 280(7950) Xeon e3 1231 v3 + Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI

    Hello Guys I would build a Hackintosh and want to buy a new PC I want to get the most of my Money so I choose this Build: 120GB Samsung 840 Evo Series 2.5" (6.4cm) SATA 6Gb/s TLC Toggle (MZ-7TE120BW) 1 € 3072MB Asus Radeon R9 280 DirectCU II TOP Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16 (Retail) 1...
  14. yushi90

    HD4400 no Brightness

    Hey Guys, i have an Acer Aspire v5-573g with Intel HD 4400. Since Chimera reached v3 the IGPU is recognizes and does have some QE/CI, at least animations run fluent. BUT: There is always lowest Brightness und no way to change it. If i use Chameleon without Chimera CHanges, there's full...
  15. zanonale

    Dynamic Switch iGPU and dedicated GPU on Desktop.

    Hi, I've an i5-i4670 (HD4600) and an Radeon HD6870 with an GA-Z87-D3HP running on ML (10.8.5) with the latest Multibeast and with both Graphics cards up and running (GraphicsEnabler=No + IGPEnabler=Yes). Right now i'm using my Monitor (Dell u2440) connected to the DVI port of my...
  16. bleishx

    10.8.4 Boots with iGPU but not GPU; GTX 670

    I've been at this on and off for about two weeks now, getting my build to run Mac OS 10.8.4 that is, and I'm starting to get closer to what could be causing the problem. If I take my GPU out (GeForce GTX 670 FTW+ 4GB) and then switch my DVI cable over to my board, then it starts up and...