1. d1zast3r

    UHD 630 Black screen after updating Catalina 10.15.4

    I just updated the system to Catalina 10.15.4. Clover bootloader: 5112 Clover configurator: Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-P CPU: Intel i5-8400 IGPU: Intel UHD 630 Lilu: 1.4.3 WhateverGreen: 1.3.8 I'm using HDMI port. After updating to Catalina 10.15.4 the screen turned to black and to...
  2. hassanswe

    Intel HD 4400 Mojave scrambled screen

    Hello i have sony vaio duo 13 SVD13215PXB i have successfully installed mac os mojave 10.14.6 on it and patched dsdt And used device id = 0x04128086 ig-platform = 0x0a260006. But i get Scrambled screen however hdmi working well..... I think the problem is with firmware because this laptop only...
  3. Pokemonguy

    Help with Asus - i3 7020u 620hd mojave

    I have been attempting for quite some time now to make this work, and now believe it's time to ask for assistance before i lose my mind. Various configurations allows me to boot into a slightly glitched installer. The 3-4 times I've been able to install the OS it has been super glitchy and...
  4. PliSsK

    OS X 10.15 won't boot up using Z370 iGPU

    When I boot up my Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 hack using the iGPU, with iGPU specified in Peripherals in BIOS, and internal graphics set to auto, whilst BIOS and Clover start up normally, and Windows 10 works fine, OS X Catalina 10.15.4 beta won't boot up, freezing during the last part of the boot...
  5. Kesavannairk


    HELLO, My System is Intel i9900K Processor Gigabyte Z390M Motherboard Gigabyte RTX 2060 Graphics Card. I know RTX 2060 will not work in Catalina So I have to Enable Intel HD630 IGPU, I tried many Tutorials But nothing Works. Kindly help me. I have Updated Kexts. I'm using...
  6. Poemko

    Coffee Lake Intel UHD Graphics 630 on macOS Mojave 7MB Vram

    Hello, My name is Poemko and i am now stuck on my Hackintosh on trying to fix the VRAM. Next to that, it is hard to really fix this problem alone by my self because my boot gets blocked sometimes having the next error WHILE i am trying to fix the VRAM problem: Graphics driver failed kextd...
  7. liquid_gabe

    Panic - Framebuffer issues?

    I get random crashes I'm hoping can be remedied easily. There isn't a rhyme or reason to it as far as I can tell but the logs always list "com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCFLGraphicsFramebuffer" I run a Vega 64 and have the system BIOS set to enable the IGPU and give it 64/128MB. I have a...
  8. Xportables

    Can't install or boot with RX5700XT

    I've tried to run macOS Catalina (1O.15.3) on my PC with IGPU and it ran fine. So I bought an AMD RX5700XT, which is supported in Catalina, but cannot boot or install with it. I have created my USB with UniBeast for catalina, injected ATI and went for install... I can boot with disabled IGPU and...
  9. kessinger

    Catalina pre-installation error

    I'm trying to update macOS high seirra to macOS catalina on my laptop but installation get stuck at [IGPU] Graphics drivers failed to load.
  10. me2

    How to use Intel Graphics without physically removing GPU?

    I just installed Catalina. I came from High Sierra on which my GTX1070 was working perfectly. Since there is no support on Catalina I have to use my Intel Graphics. I'm also using Windows so I can't pop my graphics card in and out every time. I've been trying different config for multiple hours...
  11. ToddMarshall

    UHD 630 graphics of i9 9900k does not working with mojave 10.14.1

    Hello, I'am a newbie with Hackintosh ... Tried to install catalina and did not got it fully working.. and saw online that some guys with the same specs got it working with External GPUs, and with mojave. so i tried to install mojave.. and this time got the networks working but could not get...
  12. squirrelzone

    Runtime allocation error. Gigabyte H370-HD3, 9600K, Catalina

    Hi there, I've been tinkering with my newest hardware and I'm running into an issue whenever I attempt to enable the IGPU in BIOS. I installed Catalina successfully using the createinstallmedia, and manual Clover installation method, created a USB 15-port SSDT appropriate for my setup, and am...
  13. gabrycosta04

    use iGPU without nvidia card enabled

    I wanted to use only the iGpu without the nvidia card because the 1660 is not supported. How could I do it, is it possible to do it? Hardware Mobo: MSI B360M Gaming Plus CPU: I5 8400 RAM: Corsair vengeance 8GB (4x2) SSD: 2x Drevo 256gb
  14. Z0HAN

    Display identified, GPU acceleration works, But still no HDMI signal!

    i5 8400 ASUS PRIME B360M-A UHD 630 I have patched connectors with hackintool. But still no signal through HDMI. I connected through remote desktop connection and saw that my monitor is identified by the OS. So clearly the connection is working. iGPU acceleration is also working! But why still...
  15. icoric

    How to manage booting Catalina with IGPU and High Sierra with dGPU

    Greetings, I have a triple boot of Catalina, High Sierra and Windows on separate SSD's. Catalina is working with UHD 630 Graphics, HS is working with my GPU and Windows 10 works with both. I set Catalina's EFI as default one, and am trying to boot from it. I am able to boot to Windows and...
  16. Z0HAN

    [IGPU] Would somebody please patch a framebuffer for me? (Mojave)

    Hi, My Build i5-8400 UHD 630 Graphics ASUS PRIME B360M-A I recently installed macOS Mojave on my Hackintosh. I fixed many problems but I can't figure this one out at all. Integrated graphics isn't working (Shows 7MB). I read a lot about Framebuffer patching but it has driven me nuts. I will...
  17. jiffyslot

    Reducing Power Requirements of the i9 9900KS by disabling the iGPU in BIOS.

    Hello everyone. I'd like to know if anybody has reduced the power requirements, notably the TDP of the i9 9900KS by disabling the iGPU in the BIOS. I will be using my existing RX-580 for the GPU and using an existing iMac Pro 1 system definition. It is working well in my current Z370 build with...
  18. alexgrozav

    MacOS Catalina working with iGPU but not with 5700XT

    Hey guys! I'm very much stuck with my Catalina installation. After reading lots of posts around here, I got MacOS Catalina working using my iGPU (the 5700XT wasn't inserted during installation and boot). When inserting the 5700 XT, the booting goes to about 75% after which it reboots. I'm...
  19. songkohon

    ISSUE With intel 4000 Help me!

    why my hackintosh fall to this problem, i think this problem come from iGPU? please help me fix it, i am newbie. sorry for my bad english.
  20. sahaand00001

    Need help configuring iGPU Framebuffer

    hi guys... I did everything in the guides to make my uhd 630 graphic acceleration work in macOS Mojave Tried FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext and changed my smbios to Mac mini 8,1, I think it worked to turn on the acceleration, I saw it in the verbose mode that the Mac was reading the uhd...