1. Yurkusuf

    Quick sync on rx 580?

    Hi, I have problem with quick sync. So, my cpu is i5-3470 with Intel HD Graphics 2500 so it's not working with Mojave, even if it would my motherboard is with p67 chipset, so there is no way to turn on IGPU. Quicktime player can't convert files, there is an error while doing that. I also had an...
  2. brianwong11031

    Solved > [Help!] Safari Keep Crashing After Enabled iGPU For AirPlay!

    Hi, After I enabled MultiMonitor IGPU inside bios settings, and boot up. Everything looks fine but safari will be crashed on many websites even it looks like this: (sorry, my English is not very well.) Please help me...
  3. onursarigul

    Mojave 10.14.4 Black Screen After Monitor Reopened

    Hi guys, I just installed the Mojave and having a problem with my screen. When I turned off and turned on my monitor it's going black and does some glitchy things like showing a little screen for a moment and repeats some sort of things like that but no screen I'm afraid. I did a little research...
  4. belgarionx

    First time with Hackintosh, need help with some issues.

    Hi, I've been using Hackintosh for a few days; and while I can use it, it wasn't really great. I used Clover to install Mojave. My system is: * Intel i5-6600K (+ HD 530 iGPU) * AMD R9 390 (Sapphire Nitro) * 8GB DDR4 RAM * ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming AMD card is connected to my first monitor with...
  5. waffl

    iGPU Intel HD 4600 - Stretched display, black bar at bottom of screen on boot (Mojave 10.14.2)

    I recently went through the process of setting up Lilu and Whatevergreen to fix kernel panics I was having on sleep with my Intel HD 4600 running on an ASUS z97i-plus motherboard: and was able to resolve...
  6. Rezaghaderi7575

    Solved > busy timeout : IGPU

    hi i have problem when update whatevergreen from 1.2.2 to 1.2.7 stuck in apple logo in boot screen i used this Guide for patching hd 520 ::: and using this patch for my dsdt -> { Rename _DSM...
  7. Intelism

    Intel HD Graphics 3000 sometimes have no QE/CI Acceleration for no reason

    Sometimes after reboot, i found that my iGPU have no kext loaded for no reason which cause hang with things related to h.264 acceleration (premiere pro), i want to know that is there anyway to fix it? Or can I use my RX570 to enable h.264 hardware encode/decode? SMBIOS:imac13,2 Spec:Gigabyte...
  8. notalexd3v

    Can't enable Intel GPU (UHD 630)

    Hi everyone! Some days ago, I tried for the first time ever my Hackintosh. Everything works (pretty) fine, but I still can't enable the integrated GPU of my i3 8100 processor (that's causing some glitches and other annoying stuff). I've already googled and almost all the tutorials have missing...
  9. Lord Kamina

    Solved > Can't boot Mojave USB: gIOScreenLockState 3 + panic on safe mode

    First: This was a previously-working HS install. I've been having trouble booting lately (related to NVME I think) and I wanted to boot a Mojave USB installer to take a look at a couple things. But I can't boot due to the problem mentioned above. I have tried:Enabling and disabling InjectIntel...
  10. HackinMax

    GA-Z370N WIFI / i5-8500 / Intel UHD630 / Mojave Update and Request

    @CaseySJ @jaymonkey @jb007 This is in reference to my "SonOfZee" (As in son of zee b****) The configuration in the title will be of some interest to you as I have taken the skills taught in our previous FrameBuffer battle-royale (which, unfortunately, ended in a draw) and, made a bit of...
  11. mariorodrigues

    [SOLVED] Z390 Can not boot from M.2

    I followed this guide: The installation was smooth but when I try to install Clover on my M.2 SSD I get a black screen followed by a HDMI signal loss on my monitor. What puzzles me about...
  12. balaramanim

    Asus H370M Plus + i5 8400 + UHD 630

    Hi, I have successfully installed High Sierra in my newly build PC. But, for enabling Intel UHD 630 iGPU graphics, I followed post Intel Frame buffer patching. the hackingtool shows the recommended SMBIOS as MacBookPro 15,1. But, i could not get serial number for the model. The Clover...
  13. yorki

    Intel HD630 - Boots to black screen on Asrock H370M-ITX // Can't install

    Hi all, I have been trying to get to boot an Asrock H370M-ITX w/ i5 8400, 16GB Ram. But after booting in verbose mode and getting a list of text the screen goes black. No amount of time (at least half hour) brings anything back. It just hangs in that state. A flash drive with High Sierra was...
  14. pmcee

    ASUS Prime-A Z390 + i9 9900k + RX560 + Mojave - Graphics Problem

    Hi, I've installed Mojave OS and encountered hangups, freezes and glitches. - When I playback a Video (Youtube, Whatsapp) it sometimes freezes right away or sometimes plays 2 Frames in a loop and glitches a red window in between. - I tried to copy some stuff in finder yesterday and suddenly...
  15. Jacopopiazza


    Hi, I’m trying to get my IGPU and my dGPU TO work together when rendering, likely in FCPX, using the quicksync function alongside the nvdia... But i can’t get the iGPU working it always stayies in idle... More infos on my build dGpu: ASUS Gtx 970 Cpu: i7-6700k IGPU: HD 530 SMBIOS: iMac17.1
  16. HackinMax

    Intel i5-8400 using UHD 630 Graphics

    I am working on my second build which is shown in my signature. I originally ordered a GA-Z370 Aorus Pro mini-iTX. But, when the merchant shipped the wrong board, I decided to roll with it. Regretting that just a bit right now. It has been a very long fight. And, up until now, I have managed to...
  17. Jzn21

    Solved > Dual AMD Radeon GPU breaks quicksync IGPU

    The last 6 months I worked with Dual RX 580's in my system, everything worked perfect. Optimal performance in FCPX: two cards were used including quicksync. Then I decided to upgrade to a Vega 64. Everything was perfect, slightly better performance than the Dual RX 580. I wanted more...
  18. Sumocomputers

    Final Cut Pro X Export Fails with "Master File" error after just a few seconds

    I am having issues exporting with Final Cut Pro 10.4.4 & Mojave 10.14.2. I always get the message: The Share Operation "Master File: Video_Filename.mp4" has failed, just a few seconds after the export starts (screenshot). I have tried exporting "Computer" aka h.264 to 4K & 1080P, with better...
  19. macintoshvatsalya

    Alienware 15 2015 audio issue

    No audio device is showing on System Preferences from voodoohda it enables but I need AppleALC for airplay, I attach (almost) everything that require to solve my issue . There is another problem around intel igpu means it enable shows 1500 mb on About My Mac But when it boot at lock screen ...
  20. a361445613

    Confusion about Whatevergreen usage

    It is a common sense that we must use Whatevergreen and Lilu to patch Intel Graphics Framebuffer on macOS Mojave or greater. So, the primitive way that old patches use must be transmitted to Whatevergreen-powered way right now, like DVMT patches, connector patches, and so on. When using new...