1. kpopstar


    Hi guys, I need your expertise. I've been pulling my hair for day trying to get the IGPU to work. So I have an MSI trident x 9th generation and successfully install Mojave 10.14.6. However I think I tried everything to get the IGPU to accelerate but failed miserably. I've tried using other...
  2. virusdoc

    Recommendations for mini-ITX Motherboard with Fully Functional Integrated Video

    Hello! I am an old member but haven't built a CustoMac in several years, but would like to re-learn. I want to build a small form factor, relatively silent rig using the Streacom F1C-Evo case: https://www.coolerguys.com/products/streacom-f1c-evolution-chassis This case does not support a...
  3. Aliakram

    [Solved] Asrock Z370 Extreme4, i-5 8400. Please help 10.13.4 internal graphics not working.

    After 10.13.4 internal graphics Intel UHD 630 is not working.
  4. lepistes

    HD 4600 on Yosemite Display Problems

    Hello, First of all I did search around the forums and tried the recommended solutions but none of them seem to work so far. I have a flickering display problem on my home build. As far as I understand, Yosemite should natively support HD 4600 IGP but this flickering / graphics acceleration...
  5. jonisign

    Enable higher HiDPI modes for 4K display

    I'm wondering if its possible to force OS X to allow for the higher scaled high DPI modes like 2560x1440 on a 4K monitor. If I try to get mavericks to accept a 5120x2880 scaled resolution (which would be required to make a HiDPI 2560x1440 setting), it won't accept it. I'm using a real...