1. clearsimpleplain

    << Solved >> Ice Lake - Iris Plus Graphics - 7mb VRAm

    Hey, guys. I feel like Ive tried everything, but I know Im not understanding some parts of the issue. Anyways, Im running Big Sur on my Lenovo C940. Literally everything is running great, except for the graphics acceleration. About This Mac says I have 7mb of vram, which Ive learned means Im...
  2. jonwortheu

    Catalina on Intel NUC DC3217IYE - graphics problems

    This is my first ever post on this forum, and my first ever Hackintosh attempt... so please bear with me! First, what have I got? Used Hardware Intel® NUC-Kit DC3217IYE Mainboard-Chip Intel® QS77 Express-Notebookchip Processor i3-3217U Ivy Lake, 1.80GHz RAM 8Gb Kingston DDR3-1600 (2 x 4Gb...
  3. robbyj

    [solved] Graphical Glitches and Transition Flaws

    i am looking for a reason why my laptop is glitchy (im searching for a better word to describe this, but i'm not sure there is one) when i open launchpad. looking through this thread found a similar problem with the same skylake hd530 I have, but I am not sure the person is having the same type...
  4. jaseww

    Help with Clover: GTX 750Ti & i7 4790K's HD 4600 Graphics to use two monitors.

    Help with GTX 750Ti & i7 4790K's HD 4600 Graphics to use dual monitors. Hi, I have just got up and running with a basically bang perfect OS X El Captain install on my MSI z97 PC MATE, i7 4790k, GTX 750Ti system. First time I have managed to get anywhere as I knew exactly what to do this time...
  5. Austere.J

    Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Need some help

    Hardware Configurations: i5-5200U with Intel HD Graphics 5500. According to the kernel panic log, I figured out that the panic reason is "assertion failed minStolenSize <= fStolenMemorySize". So basically if we can pass this assertion, kernel panic will not happen and in theory framebuffer...
  6. meitiv

    HP ProDesk 600 G1 HD4600 Graphics no VGA output

    I am having the strangest problem with getting the HD 4600 graphics to work on the HP ProDesk 600 G1 which has the Haswell i5-4570 CPU. I am using clover to inject Intel and ig-platform-id of 0x0d220003. The kexts load and I can verify that the card is detected and functions correctly with...