1. solbergw

    iCloud, App Store, FaceTime, Messages - Unable to Authenticate

    Since upgrade to Mountain Lion I am unable to sign into Apple applications. They were working flawlessly with SL and Lion. Applications have the following errors. iCloud Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud. Try signing again. App Store An unknown error...
  2. ghadley_00

    Mountain Lion (10.8) Unable to sign into App Store, iCloud or FaceTime

    Hi, I have an Asus p6x58d premium machine that is dual booting win7 and mountain lion. I was able to install 10.8 onto a drive using unibeast. I do not use chameleon, but boot off the unibeast usb drive to choose the hackintosh drive when I want to boot into the Mac. The unibeast install did...
  3. D-an-W

    Can someone check this iCloud issue for me please?

    Using the new document storage feature in iCloud I have just noticed the icons for the different document types are blank, surely Apple wouldn't have designed it like this? Could someone please check their System Preferences > iCloud > Manage section for me to see how it looks?
  4. DimanZee91

    AppleID Problems on ML 10.8

    Hi, guys!!!! On Lion 10.7.4 I had no probs with iCloud and all other stuff that needs my AppleID, but after updating to Mountain Lion, iCloud and iMessages started to dislike my AppleID password)))) iCloud says that it's wrong, iMessages says that it can't login to the server. What's the...
  5. chance123

    [SUCCESS] 10.8 on ASUS P8Z77 V-PRO w/ i7 3770K and GTX 670

    I know alot of you are using the P8Z77 v series motherboards and since i havent seen to many guides for them i decided i'd share my success with the DSDT that i used. GUIDE •Use unibeast method to install 10.8 •Run multibeast with setting shown in the first image attached •Place dsdt...
  6. vasodys

    Three Mountain Lion Problems NEED HELP!!

    I installed Mountain Lion on my Hackie today and I have 3 problems. 1) iCloud isn't working. I can't sign in to iCloud from the Preferences App. 2) When my display sleeps and I turn it back on, the login screen is eitheir black and unusable, or the background is distorted and it shows parts...
  7. silbereisenarsch

    iCloud Problem!

    Ich hab OS X Moutain Lion auf meinem Hackintosh installiert. Internet, Grafik und Audio funktionieren aber ich kann mich bei iCloud nicht anmelden, da heißt es dann "Sie konnten aufgrund eines Kommunikationsproblems mit iCloud nicht angemeldet werden." Was kann ich da tun? Mein PC: Intel...