1. woehh

    iCloud login error - Account limit reached

    Hi, As I wrote in the topic, I have a problem logging in to my account (on Hackintosh). The error I get is "Account limit reached". I use Clover. Is there any way to resolve this login problem? Regards, woehh
  2. alexlove99

    Sierra loses passwords / corrupts Chrome

    I'm experiencing some strange bugs in OS X Sierra since some time and would find it very nice if somebody knew an answer to that problem. When I was booting Sierra today, my Apple Mail prompted me to re-enter my password for each of my mail accounts and my Spotify and iCloud were also logged...
  3. Torrijos

    iCloud Disk document missing

    I have this strange discrepancy... I save some of my iWork documents in iCloud. They can be seen by : - iPad (10.3.2) - iPhone (10.3.2) - iCloud Web Portal - Proper Apple MBPro (10.12.5) The only device not seeing them is my completely patched Hackintosh (10.12.5). On the iCloud Web Portal...
  4. Chuck23

    [Solved] iCloud not working

    Hi, I have just installed Clover on Fussion Drive, I also installed EmuVariableUEFI in order to get NVIDIA Web Drivers. I get an error on every boot saying iCloud cannot log in. What can I Do? I've searched and tried several things but none solved the problem. I attach my config.plist.
  5. Cyrano22

    [SOLVED] Sierra App Store Login Issue - iCloud and iTunes are working fine...

    Hi everyone, Today I installed Sierra on my hackintosh. The system is stable and running great, however I noticed I cannot download apps from the App Store. I can sign in to iCould and listen to my library on iTunes via Apple Music but I cannot download anything from the App Store. For your...
  6. KV4LQ

    Pascal GPU with MacOS Sierra

    I'm running an i7-4790K on a GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-SLI rev. (1.2) motherboard, and I plan to add a GTX 1070 to my build soon. Will I be able to run Sierra on this setup with the GTX 1070? I have built Hackintoshes before and one thing I've noticed is that iCloud services *never* work. Has that...
  7. piupiu

    Apple forces to change password after every macOS update

    Hello experts! I have a very weird situation that maybe someone can shed some light on. I have a macOS Sierra build with Clover. Each time I install any update to the OS, Apple locks my iCloud and iMessage Apple user ID and I have to reset the password. When I don't do any updates, all works...
  8. gabriel2007

    Remove Icloud from Mac / Lost Recovery Key

    Hello community, I lost my Icloud Recovery key and password so I can't recover this account anymore , I created a new one , but on my sierra laptop I had turned on "Find my mac" thus I can't sign out as it asking me for a password of a locked out account. Is there a way I can delete and...
  9. Ozgur

    iCloud account locked and reset password. Again and again...

    Hello, I've been having a very worrisome problem ever since I upgraded my OS to mac Sierra. So far 4 times out of 20-30 logins to my OS a security warning pops up saying that my icloud account has been locked for security reason and asking me to change my password. (I'm running out of new...
  10. ishtam

    Getting booted from iCloud, must change password

    Several times in the past few days I was requested on both my iPhone 6 and my "Mac Pro 3,1" desktop running 10.9.5 to reenter my iCloud password and when I did I was told my account was disabled for "security reasons" and I must change my password. After doing so I can log in fine on both...
  11. paulkol

    iCloud Drive does not work on Sierra. iMessage and App Store work fine.

    Hello. My iCloud Drive does not work. Whatever I move to the iCloud Drive does not upload to iCloud and vice versa. It just shows the little arrow, like it needs to be uploaded. Also iMessage work fine and App Store woks too. I made a lot of hacks but never had this problem. This one is on X99...
  12. EverythingIsRed

    [Help] Activating iMessage

    This is the guide I followed: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/how-to-fix-imessage.110471 Here's what I did: verified my apple id and network BSD names deleted iMessage config files disconnected iCloud and network. generated serial number, SMBIOS, SmUUID, ROM and MLB (apple.com identified the...
  13. Silent99

    Duplicate iCloud instances of laptop with old and new serial numbers

    I have been having a hard time getting iMessage to work on my U430 and have been trying to change certain system variables to attempt to resolve this. In the process, my laptop has been registered on iCloud with two different serial numbers. Part of this process and the reason I created a new...
  14. sirciori

    El Capitan keeps asking iCloud password

    I have installed El Capitan and everything works fine, except that iCloud keeps asking the password at every startup. How can I fix that? ps: Never been able to access iMessage and FaceTime: "error at activation time" (never planned to use these apps, but... maybe it's related, idk).
  15. iFission

    "This Mac can't connect to iCloud because of a problem with email" at start up

    Hi guys, Whenever my Mac starts up, this error message (below) appears. I have tried clearing iCloud cache, logging out and in, tested with vanilla installation, the problem still persists The error does not affect iCloud functionalities though, all my safari tabs, calendar, notes etc still...
  16. lerimer

    iCloud Keychain

    Ever since I've been running Sierra, I have not been able to enable iCloud Keychain. When I highlight it and enter the password, it unchecks its self once again. I'm running my hack as a iMac 14,2 because initially I was running it as a Mac mini, but after the 2nd beta, my gtx970 stopped...
  17. ebyrock

    iCloud error: "This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account."

    Hi, Is there any possible fix yet for this error message? "This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account." Thank you
  18. R0xx3er

    [SOLVED] App Store doesn't work, but iCloud does somehow..

    Hey, after a few days my Hackintosh seems to work properly.. But I can't login to the AppStore and I can't use FaceTime and iMessage either. And there upon I can't load unsigned kexts.. Can someone help me? My specs are: P5G41-m lx mainboard Gts 250 Intel Pentium E5400 2Gb Ram EDIMAX EW-7811UN...
  19. safari.to.us

    iMassage, iCould, Facetime Not working !!

    Hello, I have installed OSX El Capitan in my Desktop. Everything is working fine expect the iMassage, iCloud, Facetime. I have tried the Tonymacx86's imassage fix and edited clover config plist, But still not works. I just have fixed "AppStore" by installing ethernet kext. Appstore also not...
  20. eltong

    iMessage problem

    Hi guys, after following the tutorial on fixing iMessage, I ended up calling Apple customer care for fixing the issue. I tried to give them the customer code, but the ccare guy told me that he couldn't find anything with that code. He went on to ask me about the S/N which he told me doesn't...