1. fixandinstall

    Realtek 8111 issue on Ventura

    Hello all, I recently clean installed my old Clover+Catalina build to OC+Ventura. Went fine apart from the fact I can't get the on board LAN to work. It's a ASRock H81M-VG4 mobo with a Realtek 8111 NIC, pretty standard, which worked fine under Catalina. The card is recognized but will always...
  2. matiasarregui

    iCloud in Sierra

    Hello there, kinda need a bit of helo this time.... I´ve been working hours and hours trying to workaround my issue.... since a week ago, my mackintosh stopped syncing with iCloud, so, as every guide suggests, I've signed out and try to sign in again and now I can't sign in. IT SAYS "WE CANNOT...
  3. Puckettonline

    Dell 7010 iMessage/facetime

    Hey guys. Wanted to see if anyone else has some advice. No matter what I can’t get iMessage or FaceTime to work. the computer I’m using is a dell 7010 SFF With 3770 12gb I followed (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-install-catalina-on-the-dell-optiplex-7010-and-9010-desktop-pc.290902/)...
  4. jackblack87

    iCloud re-login every 15-60 minutes

    Since the update to 10.15.3 I need to re-login in iCloud more often than usual. Today I had to re-login after 50 and then again after 15 (!) minutes. Before, I had to re-login only every 2 or 3 computer restarts (since Mojave). Under High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan (...) I had no problems with...
  5. Stivenko

    Fix iMessage!

    Hi There, I just installed macOS High Sierra On My PC! Everything Works Except iMessage & FaceTime. (Even iCloud & App Store Are Working) I Have A Realtek RTL 8168 & A Wireless Adapter (TP-LINK WN822N). I have no cable connected to the ethernet and I'm using the wireless adapter. can someone...
  6. BeepWeep

    Apple services in Hackintosh Mojave.

    Services do not work: icloud, imessage, facetime. The following services work: appstore, itunes, news, ibooks. Siri does not work and says when turned on (immediately when Siri is turned on) sorry, could you say that again ?. SMBIOS configured all the ways that i found. Tried: null ethernet.kext...
  7. AlexF98

    How safe is it to link your Apple ID to a Hackintosh?

    I have a lot of Apple products. That being both hardware, but perhaps more prominently, software. In particular, software purchased through the iOS and Mac App Stores, some of which cost a small fortune to buy. I'm currently looking at building a Hackintosh for the first time. Following the...
  8. timotif

    GA-Z170N-WIFI Ethernet not recognized in Sierra 10.12.6

    After a couple of sleepless nights I feel it's time to ask for help. I just updated my hackintosh to the setup you see in my profile adding the SSD, doubling the RAM and upgrading CPU from i3 6300. I had to update the BIOS to F22f as well to get my new i5 7500 recognized and I updated macOS from...
  9. CuriousMac

    Time Machine

    Hello all, This randomly popped up into my head, thought I'd get some input on this subject. I currently have a few Time Machine drives which I use incase a backup is needed etc. Lets say the macOS is linked to x[@]icloud.com. Say I decide to reinstall my Hackintosh, this time I also create a...
  10. brianwong11031

    Help! How to fix iMessage, FaceTime or iCloud under 10.13.6 or 10.14?

    My hardware information has already written in personal details. Please help me to solve this issue. I tried the method in the tutorial of this site and the methods on the internet. But not working for me.
  11. Marek89

    Photos app stuck on "Updating items"

    I've spend few days to find a solution for that, but I still can't do anything about this. I've moved from Sierra into High Sierra 10.13.5 (17F77) and have a problem with syncing photos. I've created a new photo library on my second HDD and changed settings to get all my photos from iCloud but...
  12. 27md

    iCloud problem when logging in

    This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with “**@gmail.com” i started getting this every time i start my hackintosh since i tried to get i cloud to work how do i get it back to normal
  13. bigsicret

    I deleted my mac in iCloud by mistake

    it does not boot completely, how can i unlock it ?
  14. johnbgood

    iCloud and iMessage Are Not Working

    Hello I'm coming back from vacation and my hackintosh can't get to icloud anymore and I can't get my password I have a message saying "' this action could not be completed. try again " Mon mac book pro no worries nor my iphone alone my hackintosh is not logged anymore
  15. TheInspiredEye

    iCloud not working?

    Hello! This is my first built Hackintosh and it's running perfectly. The only thing I can't get to work is iCloud/iMessage/Facetime/App Store, iTunes, etc. After reading a few posts I see I need to have ethernet set to en0.... So I just checked and It says I have no ethernet card attached -...
  16. TheTrollCaptain

    Handoff/Conitnuity does not work iOS > macOS while using BCM94360CD

    Hello all, I bought an Apple Genuine BCM4360CD WiFi + BT Combo with a x1 PCIe adapter. As I can tell from other guides, this card should work out of the box with all features supported. In addition, macOS reports Handoff, AirDrop, Instant Hotspot, etc. are all listed as supported. However...
  17. woehh

    iCloud login error - Account limit reached

    Hi, As I wrote in the topic, I have a problem logging in to my account (on Hackintosh). The error I get is "Account limit reached". I use Clover. Is there any way to resolve this login problem? Regards, woehh
  18. alexlove99

    Sierra loses passwords / corrupts Chrome

    I'm experiencing some strange bugs in OS X Sierra since some time and would find it very nice if somebody knew an answer to that problem. When I was booting Sierra today, my Apple Mail prompted me to re-enter my password for each of my mail accounts and my Spotify and iCloud were also logged...
  19. Chuck23

    [Solved] iCloud not working

    Hi, I have just installed Clover on Fussion Drive, I also installed EmuVariableUEFI in order to get NVIDIA Web Drivers. I get an error on every boot saying iCloud cannot log in. What can I Do? I've searched and tried several things but none solved the problem. I attach my config.plist.
  20. Cyrano22

    [SOLVED] Sierra App Store Login Issue - iCloud and iTunes are working fine...

    Hi everyone, Today I installed Sierra on my hackintosh. The system is stable and running great, however I noticed I cannot download apps from the App Store. I can sign in to iCould and listen to my library on iTunes via Apple Music but I cannot download anything from the App Store. For your...