icloud problem

  1. VopiEQ

    Fresh install of 10.11.6 can't login to icloud/app store/etc.

    Hi all, I've done a fresh install of 10.11.6 on a new system. My first hackintosh. I've got everything working fine using Clover, but no Apple services will authenticate me. I've verified that my ethernet device is showing up as en0. I've logged into iCloud via the web and noted that the...
  2. lerimer

    iCloud Keychain

    Ever since I've been running Sierra, I have not been able to enable iCloud Keychain. When I highlight it and enter the password, it unchecks its self once again. I'm running my hack as a iMac 14,2 because initially I was running it as a Mac mini, but after the 2nd beta, my gtx970 stopped...
  3. alecutzicu

    Computer Restarts @ Shutdown - iCloud could not connect.

    Hello the the community first of all. I have got quite a nice Hackintosh on q9550, msi p45 neo2, Corsair DHX 1066 DDR2, MSI GTX560 (non TI) on DUALS which is almost fully functional. My method of install was with retail MOUNTAIN LION 10.8.2 DVD, using tutorials on the net by searching...