iboot ivy bridge

  1. rotton

    << Solved >> Snow Leopard 10.6.8. wont boot

    Dear forum, recently, I got started with my first Customac. In the absence of a real Mac, I purchased Snow Leopard Retail DVD. Instead of buying new hardware, I tried installation on my old gaming rig (specs in the signature; RX 470 not installed; only 1x8GB RAM installed). Here is what worked...
  2. CubeHD

    Snow Leopard not showing in iBoot after successful installation

    Hi, I'm new to the Hackintosh scene, and I wanted to install Mac OS on my "old" Laptop, so I bought the Snow Leopard install disk from Apple, since I have no access to a Mac. It' a Medion Akoya P6638: Intel core i3 3120M nVidia geForce GT635M 4GB Ram a Motherboard of which I don't know what it...
  3. Madhu12

    Snow Leopard installation on HP Pavilion G4 2049tx

    Hello, I tried to install Snow Leopard on my laptop HP Pavilion G4 2049tx using iBoot Ivy Bridge-1.1.0. But I'm not able to boot the retail snow leopard DVD (10.6.3). I'm getting kernel panic error....:-( panic(cpu 0 caller 0x55f81d): "unable to find driver for this platform...
  4. Genieass

    Snow Leopard Install won't boot from HDD but does with iBoot Ivy Bridge 1.0.0

    First of all - I am a total newbie to the Hackintosh world. I have a brand new build - as per my profile, and as per the "pro" build suggestions here on tonymacx86. My plan was to run Mountain Lion - and migrate my existing data and apps from my 10.6.8 Snow Leopard - Macbook Pro. It is an...
  5. Nattias123

    Kernel Panic Error Snow Leopard 10.6 Installation

    Hello everyone! i have recently built a custo mac following the parts to buy through the website it the resources section and purchased: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P Motherboard i7 3770K ivy bridge processor 8gb of ram 1333mhz Nvidia GTX 550 Ti and im currently running Windows 8 Pro and want to...