1. SergeJean

    IASL command not found

    Hi guys, I recently installed Mac OS Mojave (10.14) on a Dell Inspiron 15 7559. I need to patch my DSDT's but I am stuck because IASL doesn't seem to install correctly. Here's the thing, I do everything as described by this guide...
  2. sondar

    Unable to disassemble *.aml ( DSDT, SSDT )

    Hi everyone.. I was going through the forum @ ~/Forums/Installation/DSDT to find or understand the issue that i am facing while disassembly of DSDT, SSDT. I came across the post - https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/cant-open-dsdt-please-help.212953/ here @VioletDragon just fetched the users's...
  3. prototypeDCB

    Can't compile DSDT.dsl (T470)

    Hey there, I have recently been able to boot up High Sierra on a T470 and I'm struggling to patch the DSDT files. I have installed iasl an MacIasl app, extracted the DSDT and SSDT files on a folder using Terminal and the refs.txt. When I open the DSDT.dsl file and try to compile it, I get the...
  4. sid00

    Unmodified DSDT.dsl compile error

    Hello, I'm unable to patch my DSDT. I've dumped the native SSDT/DSDT files using F4 in Clover and then disassembled them using the latest iasl from RehabMan's bitbucket repo using the command iasl -da -dl DSDT.aml SSDT*.aml When I open the disassembled DSDT.dsl in the latest MaciASL also from...
  5. EverythingIsRed

    DSDT Won't save changes

    Never mind. Accidental post. How do i delete this?
  6. ammoune78

    Need help for how to dsdt ssdt's

    Hi, i need help to extract acpi tables which i need them for patching ssdt and dsdt. I don't know how to properly extract, decompile and recompile them. Last thing is, which version of iASL or MaciASL do i have to use for my motherboard, because of confusions! Here is what i don't know: /* *...
  7. omartek0

    [solved] Disassembling ACPI files error

    So I followed this tutorial step-by-step for installing Yosemite on Dell Inspiron 15r 5537. He said and I already extracted the ACPI Tables right before installing Yosemite, this is the files extracted: See attachment iasl log outputs this: Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL+ Optimizing...
  8. nicegamer7

    Need help with DSDT.

    I set up El Capitan on my PC, i5-6600K, Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3, Gigabyte R9 390. I got my DSDT using the Clover F4 method, after that I put the DSDT.aml and all the SSDT*.aml in a folder and ran iasl -da -dl *.aml. When I open DSDT.dsl I am greeted with 3 errors, Remove _DSM Methods fixes the...
  9. waylli1

    DSDT patch Asus r510jk

    Hi, stuck on my DSDT.... tables extracted using Clover f4 disassembled with iasl and then get a "syntax error, unexpected }".... I can not fix it :banghead: . Attached are the "original" and disassembled DSDT and the SSDT that will not compile(don't know if I need them at all...) Any help...
  10. cryptbear

    Compiling errors with iasl

    Hello! I'm trying to get the dsl files from my laptop. What I did: 1) Boot from Ubuntu Live USB 2) Open Terminal 3) sudo acpidump > acpidata.out 4) acpixtract -sSSDT acpidata.out 5) acpixtract -sDSDT acpidata.out 6) iasl -da dsdt.dat ssdt*.dat I don't know why in dsdt.dsl, ssdt1.dsl...