i7 6700k

  1. LOG4920

    Unable to Wake

    I have recently built a hackintosh running el capitan. Using Multi-Beast method of installation. I have gotten my system to decent functionality (it boots alone, plays video and audio very smoothly) but unfortunately I have been unable to wake the system after sleeping. When it does...
  2. coffeeholic94103

    Success! GIGABYTE-Z170X-UD5, Intel 6700K, EVGA GTX950SSC

    Holy smokes - IT WORKS! No, I mean it really works! I'm using it right now! The build went pretty much as it should, with the following notes. The R5 is a terrific case, I think. VERY quiet. I can't tell when the computer is on(!) Into the motherboard, I installed the Noctua before...
  3. Ika0605

    OS X 10.11.6 Install kernel panic

    How do I correct this error? My machine↓ CPU : i7 6700k GPU : Intel HD Graphics 530 Storage : SSD 240GB RAM : DDR4 2400 8×4 32GB
  4. JigMD80

    [SOLVED] The ever frustrating black screen issue...

    hello all! My build is: Z170x-ud5 th I7 6700k Ddr4 ram 16GB Evga 980 ti Dual boot Windows 10 and El Capitan System id iMac 17,1 I have OS X booting and working until I try to use the proper nvidia setting. When the nvidia boot flag is selected, it will boot then go to a black screen. I also...
  5. sealion0207

    Hi everyone I am new to hackintosh

    Hi everyone I am a newer user wanted to build a hackintosh machine, can someone tell me can I use the following component to build a hackintosh? Mother board: MSI z170i Gaming Pro AC CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 or 6700K (not remember which one) GPU: MSI nvidia GTX 960 4G Ram: Kingston HyperX Fury...
  6. aim4chaos

    24 hours later no progress halp! i7 6700k z170 gaming 3 gtx 970 G1

    Hi all, SO I hate posting 'plz help' threads, BUT I feel I owe it to myself, I've spent 24 hours (a few 6 hours sessions) trying to get my damn system to work. I have googled extensively tried several different methods, I have an i7 6700k Gigabyte z170 gaming 3 and a gtx 970 G1. I have...
  7. fabycae

    My next build, I need your help.

    Hi to everyone and thanks all for the tons of content. As other users I want to build new computer and I've clear idea about the components: Motherboard: Mini-ITX (Gigabyte GA Z170N WIFI) Socket: Socket LGA 1151 CPU: 1 x Intel Core i7-6700K 4000 MHz Skylake-S CPU Speed: 4000MHz CPU Vcore: 1.2V...
  8. FlorisHack

    First Skylake build, 1200 euro, age: 15

    Hello Community of Tonymacx86 :wave:, I'm 15 years old and want to make a powerfull machine that can handel, video editing, school work and gaming. So my question is, Is this a good build? Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 cpu: Core i7-6700K gpu: Evga GeForce GTX 950 - Superclocked + ACX...
  9. mutassem

    Skylake i7 6700 k with Z170 Boards on 10.11.2

    Hello everyone , I have just read that apple announce this . http://www.macrumors.com/2015/10/29/apple-releases-10-11-2-el-capitan-public-beta/ Can anyone comment or say if anyone will be testing ? or is it safe to test it for beginners like myself? I wouldn't mind testing with guidelines .