1. Piero97

    Intel i7-4510u PStates wrong?

    Hello to all, I think i ended the setup of my hackintosh, but I'm not sure, and here's why. Audio/Graphics/HDMI/HDMI_Audio/Keybord/TouchPad/WiFi/Bluetooth all of them works fine. My only "problem" is CPU when on 100% doesn't reach his maximum frequency and stay stucked on 2800Mhz instead of 3100...
  2. barchero

    Aspire vn7-571g-71j5 hackintosh

    Hello everyone, Since the last week i was trying to install Yosemite and Mavericks. I advanced to the next problem: WARNING: IOPlatformPluginUTil : getCPUIDInfo ; this is an unknown CPU model 0x45 ---power management may be incomplete or unsupported I read in the internet that i need to create...